Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MPEG LA has Revolutionized, Perfected the Blatant, Intellectual Property Rights Theft of Inventors Like Iviewit Technologies.

Revolutionizing Intellectual Property Rights Management is what MPEG LA Claims to be all about. However, MPEG LA has being making Billions a Year off of an invention that they stole from the iViewit Technologies inventors, with the Help of their Corrupt Patent Review Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein of the Corrupt Proskauer Rose Law Firm.

My Words are in Blue from the Quote...

"We are the world’s leading packager of patent pools for standards and other technology platforms used in consumer electronics, as well as chemical, eCommerce, education, energy, environment, healthcare and biotechnology, manufacturing and materials, transportation and wireless technology.

Translation: MPEG LA is the Worlds Leader in Illegal Patent Pools. MPEG LA Steals Technology from inventors such as the Iviewit Technologies Company and then pools this STOLEN Technology in "patent pools" to disguise the rightful owner of the technology, then they Illegal License this Stolen Technology.

We developed the pool market space. Our business model supports a large number of patent users – creating reasonable access and profitable opportunities for all parties.

Translation: MPEG LA "developed" the Patent - Technology Stealing "Space". Translation: MPEG LA's business model STEALS FROM A Large number of Inventors.. and Licenses the Technology they Steal such as the iViewit Technology.

Our "many-to-many licensing model" has revolutionized the way patent holders, developers and users think about the intellectual property market. Our model serves the entire community of participants – creating a market that balances reasonable access with reasonable return.

Translation: MPEG LA, many to many means we steal a whole lot of technology, and MPEG LA illegally licenses what Inventors invent and Do NOT pay the Inventors for the Technology and I suspect MPEG LA even tried to Murder the iViewit Inventors.. just my Guess.. look at the Car Bombing photos at www.Iviewit.TV

  • Bringing together essential patents ( Stealing Technology.. Essentially .. )
  • Enabling technology to be more widely used
  • Making technology accessible (Killing Inventors, Taking what they invented and making it accessible to the world . )
  • Saving time
  • Averting legal costs and concerns (by NOT pay the Inventor of the Technology they Sell.. and License)
  • Allowing for investment in product and reinvestment in innovation ( Stealing Inventions Pays WELL)
  • MPEG LA is audited annually in accordance with SAS 70 Type II (NOT a Chance this is TRUE)

Preparing the market for mass adoption (preparing inventors to be screwed over massively)

Our Many-to-Many Licensing Model maximizes creativity, usage, profitability and affordability of products.

Mass adoption leads to success

Our goal is to provide a service that brings all parties together so that technical innovations can be made widely available at a reasonable price. Utilizing our collaborative approach, we help make markets for intellectual property that maximize profits for intellectual
property owners and make utilization of intellectual property affordable for manufacturers, consumers and other users."

MPEG LA is Corrupt. Coming Soon EVERY Skeleton in the MPEG LA Closet - Know of Any? eMail Me Crystal L. Cox Investigative Blogger,