Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MPEG LA illegally Using Iviewit Technology and Making Billions. What Does MPEG LA Management Think of the Stealing of Iviewit's Invention

What Does MPEG LA General Counsel Alexis DeVane think of the Massive Liability that MPEG LA has taken on in Getting "in bed with" the Corrupt Patent Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein of the Corrupt Law Firm Proskauer Rose.

MPEG LA is Illegally Licensing and making Billions Every year from the iViewit Technology that is Worth 13 Trillion Dollars and MPEG LA General Counsel Alexis DeVane along with other MPEG Management Ignores this Criminal Activity, Fraud, SEC Violations, RICO Complaint and Massive Liability to the MPEG LA Company.

There are over 1200 documents of proof, - and Lawrence A. Horn President, CEO JP Gascon CFO, Alexis DeVane General Counsel, Dean Skandalis Senior VP - Global Licensing and Compliance, William L. Geary, Jr. VP - Business Development, Jessica Sullivan Director - Royalty Services, Scott Mladinich Director - Information Technology, Tracy Edwards Director - Contract Administration, Allen Harkness Director - Global Licensing, Heidi Moore Controller, and Jeffrey Westfall Director - Global Compliance, STILL ignore the massive lawsuits, liability, fraud, Criminal activity and Flat Out invention THEFT over the iViewit Technology Stolen Patent.

Lawrence A. Horn President of MPEG LA seems to NOT be concerned at all with a 13 Trillion Dollar Liability over the FACT that MPEG LA put STOLEN inventions in Illegal Patent Pools.

Dean Skandalis Senior VP - Global Licensing and Compliance Officer of MPEG LA seems to be in charge of MPEG LA illegally Licensing the Iviewit Invention in Which they HAVE no LEGAL Right to even be Using. And Dean Skandalis Senior VP is supposedly the Compliance Officer of MPEG LA, are You Kidding? MPEG LA steals a Technology and illegal puts this technology in Illegal Patent Pools and that does not raise and RED FLAGS FOR Dean Skandalis Senior VP - Global Licensing and Compliance Officer?

Jessica Sullivan Director - Royalty Services of MPEG LA surely knows of the iViewit Stolen Technology RIGHT? I mean it is Everywhere and MPEG LA is on my Whistleblower Media Blogs EVERY SINGLE DAY !!

More on the Iviewit STOLEN Technology that MPEG LA is Illegally Using
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