Monday, December 20, 2010

New Mountain Capital Manages 9 Billion Dollars and Invests 115 Million in Bogus Computer Forensics Company, Why?

"“This investment is with the perfect partner and happens at the perfect time,” says Eric Friedberg, Co-President of Stroz Friedberg. “Over the next three years, the firm plans to expand to key markets in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, as well as broaden its service offerings beyond digital forensics, electronic discovery, cyber-crime response, and investigations to include forensic accounting and intelligence services for businesses.

New Mountain is the ideal partner given its strong experience and skill in scaling successful mid-sized organizations into larger companies worthy of public investment.”

Founder and Co-President Edward Stroz says the investment will help Stroz Friedberg meet clients’ increasing digital needs. “Our clients are demanding more of our expertise for malware analysis, forensic accounting, and ediscovery,” says Mr. Stroz, “and New Mountain Capital shares our vision about the best way to scale and deliver our expertise in the marketplace.”

New Mountain Capital, a New York based investment firm, currently manages approximately $9 billion in aggregate capital commitments. “Data security and digital forensics represent a challenge that touches all businesses, and considering the heightened technological and regulatory risks of today’s world, the need for these services will only intensify,” says Alok Singh, Managing Director of New Mountain Capital.

“Stroz Friedberg is a company with a sterling reputation based on the superior quality of its work and its people. We’re excited to be able to help this firm build upon its existing successes.” New Mountain Capital will own approximately 50 percent of Stroz Friedberg, with the remaining ownership shared by Greenhill Capital Partners II LP, Stroz Friedberg’s initial private equity investor, and Stroz Friedberg’s employees. "

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"expertise" "a sterling reputation" "meet clients’ increasing digital needs" - are You kidding ?Stroz Friedberg LLC sucks at Computer Forensics, Digital Investigations, and Cyber Crime Response.. Come On. . the First they heard of Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox and they hit all over my Sites leaving big greasy fingerprints everywhere and Stroz Friedberg LLC is supposed to have your BACK? What a Joke?

Stroz Friedberg LLC is in NO way "worthy of public investment" - they are paid to find stuff out for people and instead they create a trail to the people .. then Brag about how good they are at Forensics.. Well Stroz Friedberg LLC sucks at Blogger Forensics without a doubt.

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