Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Request for Congressional Foreclosure Panel - STOP Creating Real Estate Victims - Real Estate Whistleblower

"URGENT need for Lawmakers to take action! Scores of HOMEOWNERS DO NOT CONTEST FORECLOSURES BECAUSE:

1. They don't have knowledge of the law in order to recognize which aspects of foreclosure are legally challengeable or even fraudulent.

2. And even those who identify wrongdoing lack funds to pay for attorneys to represent them.

3. Homeowners are told to come to foreclosure auctions with $$$$$$$ that they do not have, SO THEY STAY AWAY from foreclosure auctions.

These homeowners are oblivious about sometimes "straw buyers" and sometimes lawyers in charge of foreclosures, obtains ILLEGAL ownership of people's homes; and pay literally nothing through "credit bids;" and that those recorded deeds from such auctions are null! For these very reasons, there needs to be a probe of lawyers who file foreclosures.

Also, the average lay person doesn't know about legal REQUIREMENTS of "standing" that prevents their homes from being repossessed via non-existent lenders or via lenders which have no ownership of promissory notes.

Yet, COURTS ARE SUPPOSED TO ENFORCE STANDING and compliance with established laws! Illegal, defective, fraudulent foreclosures are the cause of useless property deeds for real estate sales; title insurance companies refuse coverage on foreclosed properties –and more!

Further, after certain foreclosure auctions (via simulation) result in fraudulent – NOT LENDER ACQUISITIONS, by lawyers or straw buyers, the common scenario becomes property flipping, neighborhood blight, rodents, and so on!

Sample of fraudulent foreclosure acts:

–Deliberately use defunct lenders, lenders without “standing” for false civil and bankruptcy foreclosure proceedings.
– Create and conceal malpractice foreclosure delays and engineer billable litigation.
– Orchestrate sham foreclosure auctions; property never acquired by lenders, but 'straw buyers’

– Commit actionable wrongs (unfair debt collection, fraud, various torts) that create lawsuits
– Self-dealing foreclosures which certain lawyers themselves obtain foreclosed properties for flipping.
–Foreclosures naming defunct lenders, illegally recorded property deeds, flipping, blighted communities.
– Unconscionably create false deficiency judgments against property owners after straw buyers acquire homes for pennies on the dollar.

Intentionally false BANKRUPTCY COURT “Motion to Lift” and “Proof of Claim” on behalf of non-existent lenders which conceals fact of “NON-SECURED” mortgage debt.

–Involved in fraudulent collection of property damage insurance, as well as mortgage-default insurance.
–Fraudulent foreclosures abet loss of property taxes to city revenue, rodents, vagrants
– Thousands of families made unlawfully homeless from null foreclosure proceedings.

*MORE info: Request for Congressional Foreclosure Panel to Examine Foreclosure Lawyers "
Barbara Ann Jackson

Note from Crystal L. Cox: As a Real Estate Broker Owner for 11 years Now.. I Say.. the Banks, Lenders, Mortgage Companies, Association of Realtors.. they ALL knew this was happening and the covered them self, they hid assets... filed corrupt bankruptcies and all the while they got Real Estate Consumers into this Mess Deliberately. Fraudulent MLS Data - Not Policed for Quality Control by Anyone... appraisals from this data that were coming way high and the banks new it .. they allowed 10% and it climbed daily.. NAR lied to consumers in Mass Fraudulent Campaigns to promote buying Real Estate NOW and be sure and us a member of the National Association of Realtors and keeps NAR in business as they continue to lobby to make those loans easier for you to get ... NAR is the TOP of the FOOD Chain in the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis...

Sue NAR in mass Class Action Lawsuits, file Criminal Charges... NAR violates Anti-Trust Laws daily and they are too rich and powerful to be Stopped.. NAR made it easy for these foreclosures.. and when the proverbial SHIT hit the fan.. NAR lobbied for buyers credits and whatever it took to KEEP you buying..

Even though NAR's Chief Economist Lied to you the whole time the Market was Falling.. NO accountability. Time to Break Down the Banks, Time to HOLD Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Attorneys Accountable for their actions and to expose what really happened in the Secondary Mortgage Market.. as so many lost so much and were Flat OUT lied to and have not Recourse..

Enough is ENOUGH

Crystal L. Cox
Real Estate Industry Whistleblower

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