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Stroz Friedberg LLC Googling "Crystal Cox Harbinger Posts" and Other Really DUMB Stuff..

So Did Harbinger Capital Partners Hire Stroz Friedberg LLC To Do Computer Forensics Investigations and Electronic Discovery on Little Ol' Me? How Flattering.

And if Harbinger Capital Partners did not Hire Stroz Friedberg LLC then who Did and What is their Motive?

New York - Stroz Friedberg LLC

"Crystal L.Cox" "Harbinger" Would be Way Better Then Crystal Cox Harbinger Posts - Do you Guys need me to Show you how to Search Google?

Stroz Friedberg LLC is a company that claims - "A computer forensics, computer investigations, expert witness and electronic discovery technical services firm." Blah .. Blah.. Blah..

FYI Super Duper Computer Forensics Investigations and Electronic Discovery Technical Services Firm, the word "Posts" is NOT a Search TERM relevant to looking for what I am Writing on Harbinger Capital Partners.. "DOEY"

Another Term the Dumb Asses at Stroz Friedberg LLC Google is "harbinger googled by" - OMG I hope that Harbinger Capital Partners or anyone else in their right mind is NOT actually paying Stroz Friedberg LLC to do this seriously BAD Job at Computer Forensics Investigations and Electronic Discovery - Seriously "googled by" are you kidding.. this is What Your Going With.. ???

And Dumb Gets DUMBER...

Stroz Friedberg LLC searched for "Crystal Cox Harbinger stroz friedberg posts" - CLUELESS not a way to find What I post on you.. matter of fact, that would be kind of a really "DUMB" way to figure out what I am saying about you. .

This one is Getting Better, Kudos
Stroz Friedberg LLC Searches for
"crystal l. cox stroz friedberg"

Oh Darn, I was Rooting for Stroz Friedberg LLC too but this is Pretty Damn Dumb
Stroz Friedberg LLC searches " stroz friedberg"
Why don't you tell the "Bad Guy"
where all the LOOT IS.. you Fumbling IDIOTS..

So did "Katie Murphy" of Harbinger Capital Partners hire Stroz Friedberg LLC -Maybe Stroz Friedberg LLC wants to file a Defamation Lawsuit Against Me.

Well if it's a Defamation "Discovery" Case you are Preparing for "Bring It" and make sure you do all your homework, I started Exposing Curtis Lu the Lightsquared General Counsel a Long time ago, and that led to Harbinger Capital Partner - and Well I posted TRUTH.

Curtis LU general counsel of Lightsquared was formerly the General Counsel at Time Warner and Curtis LU hit a Massive Shareholder Fraud over the Technology Theft of the iViewit Technologies Invention. Where by Time Warner Inc. Had Executed contracts, over a Decade ago and owes BILLIONS on Top of Billions to the Iviewit Inventors and they have NEVER disclosed this to the Time Warner Inc. , Warner Bros or AOL shareholders and there are over 1200 Documents of proof ( www.Iviewit.TV )

I post the Truth in Defense of Eliot Bernstein and the iViewit inventors, next thing I know Kathleen Murphy - VP at Harbinger Capital Partners emails me this...

"Are you kidding me? Get a life... :) blogger? Thats impressive and value added."

What Happened after That is for another Post another Day..

Maybe your all upset at me Calling "Katie Murphy" of Harbinger Capital Partners a Bitch. Well her 7 am email to me was pretty "Bitchy" - and Bitch is Kind of an "Opinion" based on her

"Are you kidding me? Get a life... :) blogger? Thats impressive and value added."

yep Bitch Works for Me..

My Job is NOT about ADDING Value to YOUR Job. My Job is Exposing Corruption, Finding Fact, Posting Whistleblower Stories and Speaking Out for - Promoting Victims from the Massive Wall of Corruption that they are Up against.

And I don't really care if Big Shot Bitch
"Katie Murphy" of Harbinger Capital Partners thinks its "Impressive" or "Value Added" and telling me to Get A life.. hmm . Yep bitch. . Still going with that one..

.. Back to the Real Dumb Asses of this Post

Stroz Friedberg LLC - YOU seriously suck at Computer Forensics Investigations and Electronic Discovery - any Court Case Using Stroz Friedberg LLC as an "Expert Witness" - well they have no clue how to really turn up the TRUTH, they have no idea what to REALLY Google or how to search online for TRUTH, Fact or REAL information.

Stroz Friedberg LLC SUCKS bigtime.

If you Hire Stroz Friedberg LLC for Computer Forensics Investigations and Electronic Discovery - well the "Bad Guy" will know in minutes cuz, uh.. Stroz Friedberg LLC has no clue on REAL Internet "Investigations from the Looks of my Stat Counter Today... Clueless, Incompetent.. I mean come on Leading a Hillbilly - Mad Dog Blogger like me who needs to GET A LIFE according to "Katie Murphy" of Harbinger Capital Partner, leading little Ol' me to all this information and MORE just by being HORRIBLE at Forensics on the Internet.. and Leading me to ALL the things I should not UH be UH knowing.. ..

This Kind of Jack Ass "Investigations" can Get your clients in HOT Water.. You Suck at this and HAD better STOP NOW and Get your Act Straight before you endanger the life and livliehood of your clients by exposing something that Should not be EXPOSED because you are too IGNORANT to really GET the art of Computer Forensics Investigations and Electronic Discovery.

Few More Tidbits on Stroz Friedberg LLC and their GIANT Trail of Crumbs to Lead me to places they SHOULD not be leading me.. - Wake Up. .and STOP Lying about Being Experts at Computer Forensics Investigations and Electronic Discovery CUZ you Really SUCK at it.

Whatcha Do for Corpedia their SUPER Sleuth?

Stroz Friedberg LLC researching iViewit Technology Links, Why?

Look at this -
Digital Forensics - Investigations.. and Yada, Yada - to look at the website of Stroz Friedberg LLC you may actually think there are some Brains over there, however they are seriously bad at their job and have STEPPED in Blogger Scat, that their little Stroz Friedberg LLC Googliers will not soon forget..

Stroz Friedberg LLC - Have you Heard the Expression "Dumber then a Box of Rocks" well Stroz Friedberg LLC is even Dumber then that.. I can't wait for ALL my "Subjects" to HIRE them.. ..

I will Post their.. Big Giant Fumbling Foot Print Stats at a Later Date.. for Now I am Gathering Computer Forensics and Electronic Discover to Pants the Special Investigative Team at Stroz Friedberg LLC.

Look at this Bio -
"Joseph P. Dooley | Managing Director
Joseph P. Dooley is Managing Director in Stroz Friedberg’s Business Intelligence & Investigations division, where he leads the firm’s forensic accounting practice. In that capacity, he leads internal investigations into FCPA, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Money-Laundering, Embezzlement, Trading with the Enemy, Securities Fraud, and other investigations that require a combination of accounting prowess, investigative skill in examining books and records, money and asset-tracing proficiency, and witness interviewing prowess. Mr. Dooley’s extensive experience as a CPA, an FBI agent, and a Big Four forensic accounting expert, make him an effective investigator, witness, and presenter, as he has delivered the results of his investigations on numerous occasions to CEOs, boards of directors, regulators, and grand and petit juries. "

Are You Kidding, Ex FBI - well NOT good at hiding thats for sure.. Does Look Like a Great Candidate to INVESTIGATE the Criminal Activity of Curtis Lu Lightsquared General Counsel Though..

... ~ Stay Tuned ... It Gets Sooooo much better

can you Hardly wait to Hang on My Every Word..
oh and Tons More Poking Fun on the inCompetence of Stroz Friedberg LLC Coming SOON

.. as I Discover SO much more about Stroz Friedberg LLC and as Stroz Friedberg LLC leaves BIG GIANT FOOT Foot Prints to show all their SECRETS.

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