Thursday, January 27, 2011

iViewit Digital Video and Imaging Patent Pending Technologies STOLEN, a Decade and Counting.

Time for Accountability for Proskauer Rose Law Firm, Foley and Lardner Law Firm, Intel Corp., Lockheed Martin, IBM, Bruce Sewell, Jeffrey Bewkes, Paul Otellini, Time Warner Inc. , AOL ... and ALL involved in the Stealing of a the iViewit Technology that We all Use in Our Every Day Life.

Proskauer Rose Stole a 13 Trillion Dollar technology originally through a Corrupt U.S. Bankruptcy Court Preceding and Hid this Technology in Patent Pooling Schemes withMPEG LA via Proskauer Rose Corrupt Patent Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein.

This Technology is Now Used by Time Warner Inc., Clearwire Corporation, Intel Corp. , Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Apple, Nokia, Motorola, IBM, and Well anyone who uses ModernHigh Speed Video Technology.

Once iViewit Technologies issues a Cease and Desist that is Up Held by a Non-Proskauer Rose Controlled Court - Well 95% of all Cable TV, Video on Phones, Internet Video ... Will Come to an Abrupt Halt UNTIL they can Negotiate with iViewit Technologies.

Time Warner Inc. - CEO Jeffrey Bewkes has known for a very long time that Time Warner Inc., Warner Bros., and AOL will face Massive Liabilities over the iViewit Technology they STOLE. Yet Time Warner Inc. - CEO Jeffrey Bewkes Continues to Ignore this Fact and Time Warner Inc. - CEO Jeffrey Bewkes continues to Fail to Disclose to the "Board of Directors".

Intel Corp. Knows Full Well they Screwed over Iviewit Technologies and Intel CEO Paul Otellini, as Well as Ex-Intel General Counsel Bruce Sewell Have Known and NOT Disclosed this Massive Shareholder Fraud.

Even though there is Massive Criminal Complaints Filed, There is over 1200 documents of proof online at Iviewit.TV, there is Criminal Complaints against the New York Attorney GeneralNowGovernor Andrew Cuomo over the Stolen Iviewit Technology, there is a Federal RICO Lawsuit, and a VERY Detailed SEC Complaint.

And for Now Intel Corp, Time Warner Inc., Apple, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Clearwire Corp., and More seem to be able to STOP massive action against them in the Iviewit Case. This will NOT continue much longer, their corruption and cover up is OVER. The Truth is Roaring and it is Simply a matter of time.

Resources To Research the Stolen Iviewit Technology in more detail

iViewit SEC Complaint

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Time Warner Inc. CEO

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