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ICO North America - Craig McCaw - Clearwire - DBSD - MSS Operators - MSS Spectrum

It seems to Me that ICO North America, Inc, ICO Global Communication, DBSD North America,Craig McCaw, Clearwire Corporation ARE all the Same Entity.. just Smoke and Mirrors and Now if DISH Network gains Control of DBSD and TerreStar ... then Sells to AT&T, I say thatCraig McCaw is really behind it all anyway...

ICO North America , Inc. ~ Smoke and Mirrors, BigTime

This Document is from "2005"

"ICO North America , Inc. (" ICO" or the "Company ) is a next-generation mobile satellite service MSS") operator with a unique and valuable opportunity to offer ubiquitous satellite and terrestrial wireless services through the United States. The Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") has recently authorized MSS Operators to use MSS Spectrumterrestrially to provide integrated mobile satellit -terrestrial service offerings.

ICO is an advanced hybrid satellite-terrestrial system designed to provide voice, data and internet services with handsets similar to existing cellular phones. This system is expected to enable ICO to offer integrated satellite and terrestrial mobile services and is expected to be operational in July 2007.

ICO's business model strategic service providers who can incorporate ICO's capabilities to offer integrated satellite and terrestrial services to their customers. ICO is actively engaged in pursuing numerous strategic partner alliances.

The Company s system will be supported by nationwide spectrum granted to it by the FCC
ICO has already been granted 8 MHz of Spectrum and could potentially be granted up to 20 MHz.

ICO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICO Global Communications (Holdings) Limited (the "Parent" ) (OTC: ICOHA), which is which is authorized to operate a global Medium Earth Orbit ("MEO" satellite system.

Wireless industry pioneer Craig McCaw, together with other key shareholders, have invested over $1.2 billion in the Parent since May 2000.

This Investment continues Craig McCaw vision of extending wireless communications with satellite capabilities.

Market Opportunity

The wireless sector has been among the strongest growth sectors in the communications
industry. With continued subscriber growth and the rapid roll-out of bandwidth - intensive
applications , such growth is expected to continue in the U.S. Forecasts for the next fiver years

* 75% increase in total wireless voice minutes of use ("MOUs");

* 50 million new wireless subscribers; and

*A four-fold increase in data revenues driven by bandwidth-intensive wireless
applications such as pictures , video, MP3s, email and games.

As a result of this dramatic growth of wireless traffic, to maintain even the current capacity
levels , wireless service providers will likely need to vastly increase their network capacity.

Despite MSS operators' broad geographic coverage and emergency service capabilities , they
have struggled to gain mass-market penetration and profitability. This is due to the limited
urban service coverage and large handset size of legacy systems. In order to create a more
efficient use for satellite spectrum, encourage the broad deployment of advanced satellite
services and improve industry economics, in February 2003, the FCC adopted an order giving
MSS operators authority to integrate an ancillary terrestrial component ("A TC") into their
networks, and thus use their assigned MSS Spectrum for Terrestrial and Satellite use.

On February 25, 2005, the FCC reaffirmed its earlier decision in support of MSS operators.

In addition, in June 2005, the last wireless carriers withdrew legal challenges to the FCC's A TC
decisions. These events essentially eliminated any regulatory uncertainty with ATC policy and
ensured that consumers would benefit from a combined satellite and terrestrial service offering

The ICO MSS/ATC System

ICO intends to capitalize on the rapid growth of the wireless sector and the recent FCC
reaffirmation of ATC by terrestrial system (the "ICO MSS/ATC
System ) to offer ubiquitous satellite and terrestrial wireless service throughout the U.S. The
ICO MSS/ATC System is being designed to support a full set of mass-market service offerings
including voice, video, Internet, public safety and telematics.

The System is expected to support any existing and future wireless protocols including GSM, COMA, OFDM and TCPIIP.

In addition , the system is being designed to utilize handsets that are similar in size and
function to existing cellular phones.

ICO' integrated satellite-terrestrial service is expected to facilitate the delivery of
sophisticated voice and data services to urban and rural customers, and to address growing
national security and public safety service needs by providing a redundant service offering to
existing terrestrial networks.

The Company's geostationary satellite application for U.S. coverage was approved in May 2005. In anticipation of this approval , on January 10th 2005 , the Company entered into a contract with Space Systems/Loral, Inc. ("SS/L") for construction of the GEO Satelliteand is currently in discussions with vendors regarding the build-out of the other components of the system.

SS/L completed the satellite critical design review in May 2005 and is currently on
schedule to meet future FCC milestones. In addition, SS/L has begun the physical
construction of the GEO Satellite with the entire system expected to be operational by the
FCC' s July 17, 2007 deadline.

The Company may form strategic partnerships with terrestrial carriers who will leverage their existing customer bases and assets to roll-out mass market wireless services.

ICO' s system is being designed to utilize at least the 8 MHz of nationwide spectrum already
granted to it by the FCC in the 2 GHz band , representing 2.4 billion MHz POPs.

In addition, on June 29, 2005, the FCC issued a public notice of its intent to grant an additional 5.33 MHz of 2 GHz spectrum to lCD, which the Company believes it is likely to receive in the next several months.

The FCC also issued a separate notice to distribute an additional 6.67 MHz of 2 GHz
spectrum to ICO. As a result, the Company s aggregate spectrum holding is expected to be
13.33 MHz and could be 20 MHz.

Competitive Advantages

The Company believes that its system should be able to leverage the advantages to capitalize on the growing demand for wireless services:

** ICO MSS/ATC System designed to support full portfolio of
mass market wireless services

** Nationwide integrated satellite-terrestrial service enabling ubiquitous coverage

** Handsets similar to current cellular phones.

** Proximity to PCS Spectrum and flexible architecture facilitates integration with
terrestrial partner

** Management and equity sponsors have significant satellite and cellular/PCS

Equity Sponsors

The Parent's significant equity sponsors include wireless pioneer Craig McCaw (through Eagle River Investments) and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice.

In 2000 , Eagle River led a $1. 2 billion investment to acquire the Parent and develop a global MEO System. This Investment continues Craig McCaw vision of extending wireless communications with satellite capabilities.

Craig McCaw is an active investor in wireless communications with current investments inNextel Communications and Clearwire Corporation (a leading U.S. based provider of wireless broadband services).

Clayton , Dubilier & Rice has made investments totaling over $5 billion to date and is one of the oldest and most respected private equity investment firms in the world.

ICO is seeking to raise $400 million in Convertible Senior Secured Notes to fund a portion of the costs to develop the ICO MSS/ATC System. These costs include the construction and launch of a GEO satellite and a related ground system.

The Company expects the notes to be secured on a first-priority basis by substantially all of the Company's assets with the exception of a carve-out for a working capital facility.

The Notes will be convertible at the holder's option into shares of common stock of the Company and under certain circumstances will be convertible at the holder s option into shares of common stock of the Parent.

Sources and Uses of Funds

The Company expects that the total funding needed to complete the MSS portion of the ICO
MSS/A TC System will be approximately $600 Million, excluding interest expense.

The system is expected to be completed in July 2007. In addition , construction of a ground spare satellite will be initiated upon execution of a strategic partnership for the terrestrial component.

This spare satellite is estimated to cost $175 to $225 million and is required to be available one year after the launch of ATC Services. The $400 Million (less fees and escrowed interest) of capital raised through this s cash requirements through the third quarter of 2006. "

So ICO was already granted Spectrum before 2005, and ICO Is Craig McCaw which is Clearwire .. Which is DBSD. XO Communications bankruptcy in the Summer of 2002 and Craig McCaw starts Clearwire in 2003 ( smoke and mirrors), Keep in Mind XO Communications filed Chapter 11 - What? and Still Billions Made Billions and Started New Companies to Make More Billions.

"In 1994, the McCaw brothers sold their company to AT&T for $11.5 billion. In the process, Craig McCaw himself became one of AT&T's largest Shareholders, but he refused to sit on the Board of Directors, allegedly because he dislikes long meetings.

Before Selling his company, McCaw personally took over one of its subsidiaries, Teledesic, with the intention of building a global network of 840 low-altitude satellites to provide Internet-likeTransmission of Digital Data to the most remote places of the Earth.

McCaw founded XO Communications to build his new telecom network, but by the end of 2001, the start-up found itself mired in $7 billion worth of debt. On June 17, 2002, XO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection."

So What Craig McCaw does is take over Subsidiaries, to Get Rich Later? And somehow uses the Illusion of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Courts to get out of Debt and yet buy Subsidiaries ( Smoke and Mirrors on Top of Smoke and Mirrors.) - then Changes the Name of the "Subsidiaries" Like XO Communications then uses this to creates Debt to buy other companies, then uses the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Courts as Smoke and Mirrors to create a Diversion while Craig McCaw - Creates, Takes Over, Gets in with another company like he is now with this Dish Network - Echostar Illusion ... Craig McCaw is ICO North America Inc. - Clearwire and DBSD.

Oh and Don't Forget, Craig McCaw createss "Equity Sponsors" (Eagle River Investments) to make more money from creating Debt Illusions, Loaning Money to Yourself, creating many companies... and well Smoke.. Smoke and Mirrors Galore..

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And you the Consumers of the "Spectrum", the Phones, Radios, Internet ... YOU pay for their Billion Dollar Games and Illusion.

And the FCC should be working for you, instead they work for the Billionaires and you Pay them to Do that Too..

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