Monday, February 28, 2011

INTC, Intel Corp Auditors Ernst and Young LLC were involved in iViewit Technology Theft.

Do Intel Corp, INTC Board of Directors, INTC Executives, Intel Corporation Shareholders and Stockholders Know about the Massive Fraud they are Facing over Intel Corporation's involvement with the Stealing of what is Now a 13 Trillion Dollar Technology, from the iViewit Technology Inventors.

Open Letter to ALL Invested in INTC Stocks or the Intel Corporation in ANY way


"Intel's accounting firm
Ernst & Young LLC. They have been Intel's auditors
since the company’s inception in 1968."

ERNST & YOUNG was Involved in the Iviewit Technology Theft

Curtis Lu, who Was General Counsel at Time Warner Inc Last Year and is Now the General Counsel at Philip Falcone - Harbinger Capital Partners , Lightsquared - Curtis Lu Spoke with Eliot Bernstein, the iViewit Technology Company Founder and one of the iViewit Video Technology Inventors in the Spring of Last year. Just after this Phone Call, Curtis Lu moved toLightsquared to be their General Counsel. Curtis Lu never did get back to Eliot Bernstein,iViewit Technology Company, and this call was in part about Disclosing to Auditors - more on that at the Link Below.


"Intel's stock symbol is INTC
Intel common stock is traded on the NASDAQ* Global Select.
Our fiscal year end is December.
Intel Common stock CUSIP is 458140-10-0."

"07/18/68 Incorporated: California, as NM Electronics Inc.
8/6/68 Name changed to Intel Corporation, a California Corporation.
3/1/89 Incorporation of Intel Corporation, a Delaware Corporation.
5/5/89 Intel California merged with and into Intel Delaware.
Intel Delaware is the surviving corporation."

Source of Above NASDAQ:INTC Information
"At Intel, we strive for transparency in how we do business and interact with our stakeholders."

This is a Flat Out Lie. Intel has Not disclosed a Massive "Stakeholder" liability over the iViewit Stolen Technology.


Company Organization

At the end of 2009, we reorganized our business to better align our major product groups around the core competencies of Intel ® architecture and our manufacturing operations. After the reorganization, we have nine operating segments:

PC Client Group.
Delivering a high-quality computing and Internet experience through Intel architecture-based products and platforms, primarily for notebooks, netbooks, and desktops.

Data Center Group.
Delivering server, storage, and workstation platforms for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Embedded and Communications Group.
Delivering Intel architecture-based products as solutions for embedded applications through long life-cycle support, software and architectural scalability, and platform integration.

Digital Home Group.
Delivering Intel architecture-based products for next-generation consumer electronics devices with interactive Internet content and traditional broadcast programming.

Ultra-Mobility Group.
Building a business in the next-generation handheld market segment with low-power Intel architecture-based products.

NAND Solutions Group.
Delivering advanced NAND flash memory products for use in a variety of devices.

Wind River Software Group.
A wholly owned subsidiary delivering device software optimization products to the embedded and handheld market segments, serving a variety of hardware architectures.

Software and Services Group.
Delivering software products and services, in addition to promoting Intel architecture as the platform of choice for software development.

Digital Health Group.
Delivering technology-enabled products that are designed to reduce healthcare costs and connect people and information to improve patient care and safety. "

Source of Above NASDAQ:INTC


Intel Capital Investment Funds
Intel Capital has opened investment funds in
several key technology sectors and geographical areas.

Intel Capital Invest in America Technology Fund
The second $200 million Intel Capital Invest in America Technology Fund, announced in January 2011. This fund targets key innovation and growth segments such as clean technology, information technology, and biotechnology.

Intel Capital China Technology Fund II
The $500 million Intel Capital China Technology Fund II (April 2008) invests in Chinese companies developing innovative hardware, software, and services. It is used to invest in companies that complement Intel's technology initiatives and to further build out Internet infrastructure in China.

Intel Capital Brazil Technology Fund
The Intel Capital Brazil Technology Fund is a $50 million fund to promote technology growth in Brazil. Creation of the fund recognizes Brazil's position as South America's largest economy and its increasing importance as a technology leader.

Intel Capital India Technology Fund
The Intel Capital India Technology Fund (December 2005) is a $250 million fund that invests in Indian technology companies to help stimulate local technological innovation and the continued growth of India's Information Technology industry.

Intel Capital Middle East and Turkey Fund
The Intel Capital Middle East and Turkey Fund, announced in November 2005, is a $50 million fund for investment in companies developing innovative hardware, software, local content, and services throughout the Middle East and Turkey.

Intel® Digital Home Fund
The Intel Digital Home Fund is a $200 million fund launched in January 2004. It targets companies developing hardware and software as well as connectivity and supporting technology that enable people to enjoy digital content on multiple devices in the home and beyond.

Intel® Communications Fund
The $500 million Intel Communications Fund, announced in September 1999, focuses on accelerating Intel voice and data communications and wireless networking initiatives.

Source of .. information above


Open Letter Disclosing to Intel Corp Shareholders, INTC Stakeholders
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