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Invasion of Property Rights and Theft of Home Value by T-Mobile. Phillip Humm Tramples Private Property Rights.

Is T-Mobile Liable for the Loss of Quality of Life, the Low Level Noise Frequency Damage, the Loss of Real Estate Value? You Bet they are, as Long as you can find a Judge that can't be bought off by a Big Tech Company Such as T-Mobile.

Sue T-Mobile for your Loss in Real Estate Value, your Quality of Life, the Low Frequency Noise Harming YOU that you Cannot Hear.

Sent to Me Today on T-Mobile Cell Tower Terror

".. the latest in cell tower nightmares in IL ; they simply keep popping up everywhere & taxpayers seem to have little they can do about it.

The town of Wilmette fought last night & had plans haulted for an intrusive tower which was going to be placed on a community center.

Mr. Huston had written an article prior to the meeting. In New Lenox, IL we were very unfortunate & a cell tower popped up compliments of T-Mobile and their intentional deception to our community/residential area. You can read below & attached if you are interested in our story.

All over from California to NY I have met people fighting the towers... placed literally right outside of their homes. I feel it is an invasion of my rights & theft of my home value. Renee Kosel (IL State Rep) and Lisa Madigan (State's Attorney) are working on our specific case.

Our neighborhood is really hoping for the best. The blog that I read about Wim Sweldens gives me hope that these towers will soon be disappearing... one can only HOPE!!


I saw the news last night about the cell tower in Wilmette which many residents banned together to hault. .. Below is a cell tower case in New Lenox, IL that we are still fighting. Our cell tower was basically erected 100 feet from property lines of a residential area without proper notification to all of the residents of the area.

We have been working with Ms Renee Kosel and Lisa Madigan with hopes that T-Mobile will re-locate the tower to the location they led all of us to believe it would be placed.

In the meantime, many of us worry about the electromagnetic emissions (many of our houses are 3 floors & emissions are basically invading our homes, let alone play areas).

You are one of the only IL writers who has made mention of the emissions, as the courts in IL will NOT give it any attention. T- Mobile's external affairs rep Mark Wilson blatantly laughed at us & lied to our faces about the non-existent threats we were concocting (and he also stated there is no proof our home values would decline from the tower).

I challenge you to take a look at the submissions below to Renee Kosel & also Lisa Madigan... the attached letter from Insight on behalf of T-Mobile and the map of our area. I've learned from all of my research that T-Mobile is the worst one out there & they are literally doing whatever they can to get their towers into place... then running away from it all. It is so maddening because this tower is hideous & literally staring at all of us each and every day. We are all hoping for its relocation... otherwise, what do we do... move? Take losses on our homes? Many of us have been here 12 years or more...

Sincerest thanks for any attention you can give to this matter,

Beth Franczyk

Link to Joliet Herald article

Information (along with petitions from neighborhood) sent to Lisa Madigan via Renee Kosel:

As residents of the neighborhood within 100 feet of the T-Mobile cellular tower, we were legally required to receive notice of upcoming construction. The notice that SOME of us received was simply fraudulent. It was certainly not reflective of the ACTUAL agenda that T-Mobile had. T-Mobile intentionally misrepresented themselves with the intent to deceive those of us residing in the surrounding residential area.

The notification began by boasting of T-Mobile’s improved wireless network coverage in the area. By intentional design of the letter, most readers tossed it into the garbage since they are not T-Mobile customers and do not care about coverage. Anyone that read on was told the Will County Land Use Department issued a building permit.

In reading this, one would assume that the permit was issued for the site located AT ROUTE 6 & GOUGAR ROAD since that was how it was specifically stated. Will County has strict rules for permits, so one would assume they did their job & taxpayers would be protected. Reading on, the letter states “YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESPOND TO THIS LETTER”.

In fact, many did not because they worded this letter as if there was absolutely no recourse & the ball was already rolling. For questions, Ray Shinkle responded to almost NONE of the phone calls made. (We found out he was later let go – as if that was supposed to be a solution to this mess.) Those of us that he did respond to were told a tower would be placed “at route 6 & gougar” just like in the letter.

The daily activity “At Route 6 & Gougar” was quite chaotic during the summer of 2010. The walking path was being completed, a parks department area also on that corner had some paving done with a fenced in parking lot. One would assume among that activity, the cell tower was being placed over there.

Unfortunately on September 14th, many in our subdivision came home to find the tower erected just next to our homes and looming over play areas. In one day the tower went up & nobody could do a thing to hault its progress.

Questions were directed to Joliet, Will County, etc. Many officials contacted knew nothing about the tower. It was never discussed in an open public board meeting, nor were home-owners told it would be placed within 100 feet of their property lines. (Being that the tower is 154 feet tall, we see this as a huge problem.)

When looking at the attached map of our area; you can see where we were specifically led to believe the tower would be placed. WHY ON EARTH does the constructed location (among a huge parcel of empty land) make any sense? Taxpayers should have a right to know in advance – not “guess” that it would be put in the MOST SENSELESS location.

Our subdivision (and 100% of the taxpayers receiving the poor excuse of a “notification”) insists that T-Mobile intentionally deceived us. Mark Wilson stood there in a meeting & told us that they wanted to place the tower closer to the corner, but the landowner chose the location.

He insisted that by law T-Mobile was not required to give us any more information. Please note however, that the location of “At Route 6 & Gougar” (the corner parcel) is owned by another person. So in summary, the tower was never planned for “At Route 6 & Gougar” because that landowner was not involved.

We demand as taxpayers that this company be held to their word. They should place the tower where they told us. NOT 100 feet from our property lines. NOT looming over our homes. How about “AT ROUTE 6 & GOUGAR”???

Letter sent to Renee Kosel from neighbor which really describes the situation well:

Representative Renée Kosel

Imagine pulling into your driveway one afternoon to discover a massive structure measuring 150 feet tall devastating the sanctuary of your home. Or possibly receiving a call at work from your wife sobbing on the phone about how she just witnessed the value of her home plummet. Many of the residents that live in the New Lenox Township near the Jacob's Farm did just that Tuesday 9/14/10.

We gathered in dismay, all wondering where our protection was, and how could something like this take place?

We asked how much help will our $9000.00 a year in property taxes garner us?

Many of us attended the County Board meeting to be told "sorry, but this is a state matter".

To understand the severity, these homes were purchased because they are located within a protected (can not build on) detention area that beautifully backs up to a tree-lined 1/2 mile burm with a creek and then farm with a lake (and now a hideous, intruesive cell tower). To really feel the impact one needs to drive by and witness it for themselves, words can't and won't describe.

The vast majority of the home-owners have built decks and patios and can be seen nightly enjoying the sunset over the trees and farmland. That "wow-factor" is now gone. Who or whom could reek this havoc without any provocation or notice, let alone a meeting? A corporate giant T 1 Mobil has allowed, conspired and manipulated state zoning laws and caused destruction to my neighborhood effecting the lives of hundreds if not thousands.

T - Mobil and their conspirator's (Acquisition agent Mike Fahey of Ameritech and Ray Shinkle of Insite Inc. Real Estate Consultant Services) took advantage of the terms "non-residential" (when it's clearly a residential area!) and pounced on the greed of a farmer who happens to own land in a "unincorporated" area of a state.

We are powerless due to these state zoning laws, terms such as unincorporated and non-residential allowed this to happen. The state of Illinois rely on corporations such as T 1 Mobil to do the right thing and they failed. It's been four days and T 1 Mobil corporate offices have not returned any calls (call it a cooling off period?).

Mr. Fahey who chose the site, knowing first hand the impact, has not returned numerous calls. Mr Shinkle politely told us they are in complete accordance of state zoning statutes / laws but he became silent when I asked if he felt they followed the spirit or the intent of the law.

Mr. Shinkle would rather talk about over-lapping cell tower coverage, that's right, when I pressed him on why he did not consider the impact and alternative nearby locations he requested my empathy and said he was bound to that location because T 1 Mobil frowns upon unnecessary over-lapping tower coverage (unbelievable).

In closing I/we are requesting assistance reversing this multi-level poor decision and restoring the serenity we have paid for and expect. We entrusted our zoning officials and they have let us down.

We should have been allowed a meeting to discuss such an intrusion. How does something like this happen especially within this climate of political correctness (my rights)?

This is America and my unincorporated tax dollars fund programs just as well as Village and or City tax dollars fund. We need your help. One final note, if this is truly a non-residential area would us residents be having this issue?


Kent Cogswell (on behalf of numerous residents)
3505 Cascade Lane
New Lenox, IL. 60451 "

People OVER Profit

T-Mobile has NO Right to Take OVER your Quality of Life.

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