Friday, February 4, 2011

Time Warner Inc. Stole a 13 Trillion Dollar Technology and Violated Licensing Agreements and Contracts with iViewit Technology.

Todays News on Time Warner.. Time Warner Inc. Still above the Law and Going Strong. Over a Decade of Violating Contractors with the Inventors of the backbone technology that Time Warner Inc. Uses for ALL Videos AND they Violated the Rights of the Inventors of this NOW worth 13 Trillion Dollar Technology.

" Time Warner Cable buys NaviSite for $230m

Cable and Internet service provider Time Warner Cable Inc. said Tuesday that it will buy NaviSite Inc. for roughly $230 million in a bid to offer more Web-based services to its business customers.

The deal values NaviSite at $5.50 per share, a 33 percent premium over its Tuesday closing price of $4.13.

NaviSite, based in Andover, hosts applications on remote servers, enabling businesses to get work done over the Internet, instead of bogging down local computers with comparable software programs.

The purchase allows Time Warner to offer more services to the businesses already subscribing to its Internet, phone and cable services. It also gives Time Warner access to NaviSite's 1,200-plus customers.

"Our commercial services business is a key growth driver for the company and one in which we continue to see great opportunity," said Glenn Britt, Time Warner Cable's chairman and chief executive officer.

The purchase comes a week after Verizon Communications Inc. said it would buyTerremark Worldwide Inc. for $1.4 billion with a similar plan of offering Web-based services to corporate customers.

Time Warner Cable said it expects the purchase to close in the second quarter of 2011 and that it expects the transaction to boost earnings per share. The company added that it does not expect the acquisition to have a substantial impact on the company's debt-to-assets ratio.

The company also said it expects NaviSite's net operating losses to translate to $40 million in tax savings following the close of the purchase. "

Source of Post - Todays Time Warner Cable News


Time Warner Violated the Rights of the iViewit Inventors and Time Warner Inc., Jeffrey Bewkes fails to Disclose this to Shareholders, over a Decade Now.. there is Tons of Proof.. Government Corruption, Judicial Cover Ups, USPTO Corruption and More are protecting Time Warner Inc., Jeffrey Bewkes and the Inventors are Collateral Damage.

Time Warner Inc. GUILTY of stealing the Iviewit Technology over a Decade ago and Protected by Corrupt U.S. Courts, Why?

There is over 12oo documents of proof online and No One is Doing anything to Force Time Warner to Honor Signed Contracts, Signed NSA's and Signed Licensing Agreements. And this was before the Time Warner, AOL Split.

Time Warner Inc. CEO Jeffrey Bewkes KNOWS and fails to disclose to Time Warner Shareholders. Curtis LU, then Time Warner Inc. General Counsel and also at AOL during the Last Decade, Curtis Lu knows of the Massive Shareholder Fraud and failed to Disclose to this day.

Crystal L. Cox
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