Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is the Real Story Behind Valley Stream No. 24, Kevin Chesney and NY Attorney Ruth Pollack ?

What is Really Going on at the Valley Stream No. 24 ? It is time to find out what "Lies Beneath" the Secret Veil of Corruption at Valley Stream No. 24 - in New York State.

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"By the End of 2007 - 2008 Valley Stream No. 24 had amassed $3.09 Million in Excess Reserves, more then 3 Times the Legal Amount. Auditors found that the district's budgeted expenses consistently exceeded amounts needed, concluding that this was done deliberately"

So was anyone ever held liable? was the TRUTH ever told?

Big Money - Big Consequences for
the Truth Told about that Money.

Demand ALL Accounting of Valley Stream No. 24 - This is Your Money, What is really going on at Valley Stream No. 24 ? Who gets work contracts, what conflicts of interest exist - Who Is Protecting whom and why ?

Under Freedom of Information, Can't you Request what this Money is spent on, where it comes from and why. It seems to me that if the Millions of Dollars at Valley Stream No. 24 is used to help protect the Wall of Corruption in New York and that if the New York Grievance Committee, New York Bar, Second Department and other New York and Federal Agencies are used to SHUT UP an attorney on a Case that seems to me to simply be about ... some guy getting hurt at work..

Who Got Contracts? Who got Paid and what for.. ??
You have a Right to Know.

What Politicians or Public Officials are paid off, if any to protect this BIG money going through the hands of Valley Stream No. 24 ?

Who Would Kill to cover this Fraud Up? Who would Do just about anything to keep this kind of money, where it came from.. where it is going .. as a "Secret" ?

What if an Honest New York Attorney stumbled on the Truth or took on a Case in which "Discovery" would Turn up the Truth on the ... Valley Stream No. 24 - How About they some how convince the New York Bar, and a Corrupt New York Grievance Committee to simply Suspend the Attorney, take her Life as she knows it and Call it a Day. That oughta shut her up right? Well unless she has any morals or a backbone !!

Did they think If she is Suspended or perhaps even Dis-barred... well then surely no one will believe her right? And Surely if there is No "Discover" in this case, well then we can keep out dirty little ... Secret, Right?

Time to Expose the Secrets of
Valley Stream No. 24

Got a Tip on all that Money Valley Stream No. 24 ?

What is the Real Reason for the Absurd Suspension of New York Attorney, Ruth Pollack?

I mean come on she is certainly not a "George Demos", covering a $335 Million Dollar JP Morgan Secret.. She seems to be an Independent Attorney, simply doing her thing... so what in the World did she stumble on that makes these powerful people want to Discredit Her?

Well I will Be Exploring that Question in Great Detail On My Whistle Blower Media Blog Network, Stay Tuned ...

Also Coming Soon EdwardFale.com - to Expose Every Dollar, Every Dirty Deal withing the Valley Stream No. 24 ~ What is it that is so Secret, So Important that the New York Wall of Corruption would be recruited to help cover it up ?

The Collateral Damage in the Valley Stream No. 24 Scandal is many - particularly of interest to me is the Career and Quality of Life of One BOLD New York Whistleblower Attorney Ruth Pollack. And the Quality of Life of Kevin Chesney, he client in the Valley Stream No. 24 Scandal.

Coming Soon the Whole story of what made Ruth M. Pollack New York Attorney and Kevin Chesney Collateral Damage in a wall of corruption war in New York politics and high finance in which they had NOTHING to do with.

* I will Explore the Question of why so many Travel Expenses with Valley Stream No. 24 . What was Edward Fale, Valley Stream No. 24 Superintendent Really Up To.

* I will discuss Minerva & D'Agostino Law firm and what they may have to Hide.

* The Truth about the Hiring of Therapists without a Criminal Background Check. Who were they, who were they related or connected to... Who is Metro Therapy Inc. and what did they real gain or have to hide.. - Coming Soon..

* I will Explore the "Books" or the "cooking of the books"

* I will Expose all Legal Fees and Professional Services EVERY used... how much they cost and why that person or company was chosen..

* Just who is Anthony Iadevaio (is he a police officer?) and what are the Conflicts of Interest, Money Paid..

* Why was "Computer Access Rights" purged with an Incoming State Audit?

What Makes Valley Stream No. 24 and their Den of Secrets and Financial Cover Ups so important that the New York Corruption Mill is fighting to keep an Honest New York Attorney from simply going about her life and her law practice?

Well I Intend to Find Out ..

These Questions.. and Many more To be Explored Soon.. Check for EdwardFale.com in the near future, or simply google anything on this page and you will find what I am Yapping about it.

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