Thursday, March 24, 2011

John E Collins Bankruptcy Investigator. John E Collins Bankruptcy Journalist. John E. Collins Exposing Corruption in Government. John E. Collins Exposing Corrupt Attorneys.

John E Collins is a Bankruptcy Investigative Journalist Exposing Corruption in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.

John E. Collins turns up information on corrupt attorneys, judges and all aspects of possible corruption in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.

John E Collins has written for 5 years on the details of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Precedings.

John E Collins researches bankruptcy trustees and digs deep to expose all angles of possible corruption in the bankruptcy courts.

John E Collins has written on many high profile bankruptcies and  John E Collins has discovered many common factors in bankruptcy corruption.

John E Collins feels as if there is no oversight in the bankruptcy courts and John E Collins believes that the Department of Justice trustee is either corrupt in many cases or simply overwhelmed with the money and work involved.

John E Collins digs deep to find out all aspects of the bankruptcy proceedings that can possibly be in a conflict of interest.

John E Collins exposes the local courts that aid in bankruptcy corruption.

John E Collins has found common factors in bankruptcy after bankruptcy.

John E Collins has turned up discovery in major bankruptcy cases and bankruptcy lawsuits. 

John E Collins has seen the Model of Corruption in U.S. bankruptcy courts to be the same in $30,000 bankruptcies as in 7 Billion Dollar Bankruptcy Proceedings. 

John E Collins studies how U.S. Bankruptcy courts seem to have no oversight and John E Collins has discovered the that FBI does not seem to know or need to know U.S. Bankruptcy Laws. 

John E Collins write on the U.S. Bankruptcy Codes.  

John E Collins investigates liquidation trustees and John E Collins exposes government corruption in the U.S. bankruptcy courts.  

John E Collins feels that bankruptcy court corruption is rampant and John E Collins is dedicated to exposing bankruptcy corruption.

John E Collins continues to investigative high profile bankruptcy cases and how this corruption affects the U.S. Citizens. 

John E Collins investigates Bankruptcy Creditor Committees and Conflicts of Interest within those committees.

John E Collins points out how major tech, media and telecommunications companies goes bankrupt and then 
the Top Executives still make millions in bonuses and start new companies from and within the ashes of the old company.
John E Collins is dedicated to exposing bankruptcy corruption.

John E Collins has a passion for Exposing Government Corruption.

Bankruptcy Investigator