Tuesday, March 22, 2011

John E Collins Cardiac Specialist. John E Collins Heart Specialist, Cardio Care John E Collins

John E Collins is devoted to the care of cardiac patients with cardiac arrhythmias, abnormal heart rhythms, and severe artery plaque build up.

John E Collins treats a variety of patients, from those bothered by occasional irregular heart beats or palpitations, to those who have been resuscitated from cardiac arrest. Young or old, minor or major illness, John E Collins is dedicated to providing superior care to John E Collins 's patients.

John E Collins goal is to provide comprehensive, state-of-the art medical care in a small practice setting.

John E Collins is compassionate to individualized care for arrhythmia patients.

John E Collins is a cardiac specialis who specializes in treating the heart and associated cardiovascular system.

John E Collins performs a wide range of tasks on a daily basis, from using medical imaging studies to diagnose a heart condition to working with a cardiac surgeon to establish a treatment plan for a patient.

John E Collins can use tools like stress testing, cardiac catheterization, radiology studies, and a variety of other techniques to diagnose heart conditions.

John E Collins uses Various treatments including medication and lifestyle changes can be used to treat diagnosed conditions.

If John E Collins decides that a condition needs to be treated surgically, John E Collins will bring a cardiothoracic surgeon onto the patient's team to discuss surgical options. Typically, after a surgery is completed, John E Collins performs follow-up care to ensure that the surgery went well and that the patient stays as healthy as possible.

John E Collins is a Heart Specialist who cares about your total well being.

John E Collins is passionate about your Quality of Life.

John E Collins is dedicated to you being well and leading and active, normal life.