Friday, April 29, 2011

Boycott George Corn & Firm

George H. Corn, rightfully defeated by the Ravalli County voters, is snug back in a place where he can influence the local Datsopoulos, McDonald & Lind who have an office in Hamilton, MT.
George Corn weaing tie, Steve Bullock as AG candidate (courtesy Bullock for AG)

The abuse of persons go back to the 2005 suicides in Ravalli county with Corn on helm (1991-2010).  The New York Times health article from February 13, 2005 examined the suicide problem in Ravalli County (twice national average).  The Missoulian Newspaper from Missoula, Montana felt that excessive bail was the reason 4 died in Sheriff Chris Hoffmans detention center, and they won state awards for their coverage:

 A bail request comes from a prosecutor, and upheld by compromised judges, who will CONTINUE to answer to George H. Corn, but "clients" now for a real PRICE for his services.

Enter Milton Datsopoulos, once a respected attorney, now the highest bidder for justice in Western Montana.  If you need a divorce, or other legal work, make Milt pay for hiring the next best scum on the planet, George Corn.  Dont believe me?  Ask the 14 year old boy who was put in jail for 15 years by Corn for same sex experimentation; with 5 extra years due to no "transfer" from juvenile court (the Corn Special).

Ravalli Co. Dems
George H. Corn prior to the November 2010 Political Avalanche

Corn was supposed to be held responsible for allowing a law student practice law without HIS supervision, but since he is best buds with Bullock, the AG Tort team came to the rescue.  Mike Nifong, the Duke prosecutor, jailed and disbarred committed the same offense MCA 45-7-309(c) criminal contempt of court for allowing the student to practice law [a violation of the MT Supreme Court order #12982].

It's all who you know, and who you are in Montana.  Being buds with Milt landed Corn the Senior Attorney position at Datsopoulos, McDonald & Lind.  Just like you made your vote count, make your dollar count and pass the word that the scumbag Corn is loose again with our justice in Ravalli County, Montana.

Blowing the whistle on George H. Corn, lets show the law firm they made a mistake by hiring him.

Prosecute George Corn for Murder:

Prosecute George Corn for Negligent Constitutional violations:

BOYCOTT DALSOPOULOS McDONALD & LIND in Montanistan (thats Montana without rights).