Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Proskauer Rose Law Firm Jenifer deWolf Paine on behalf of Proskauer Rose Attorney Gregg M. Mashberg uses WIPO, to cover up illegal activity and harass blogger.

Proskauer Rose knows they have no trademark right on the names of attorneys and they admit that in their WIPO complaint to attempt to steal the Domain Names. 

Proskauer Rose knows there is legal precedence in Michael Morgan Vs. Goldman Sachs and Company.  Florida Court - Southern District of Florida - Civil Action No. 09-14110-KMM   - 

And on the TaubmanSucks.com Intellectual Property Lawsuit.   

TaubmanSucks.com court case transcript

The TaubmanSucks.com case is a State of Michigan Case, Attorney name Douglas Sprinkle - Intellectual Property Lawsuit.  

Name of Court: US District Court ED Michigan Southern Division Case # 01-72987

Name of Court: US Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit    Case # 01-2648, 01-2725 .. 

yet they still are trying to convince WIPO that Proskauer Rose has a Legal Basis to Own Domain Names that they have No Legal Right To.  So is WIPO conflicted? Proskauer Rose gets to pick the committee to decide on their behalf, I am requesting that this committee sign a conflict of interest form to ensure they are, in no way biased in favor of the Proskauer Rose Attorneys that want my Domain Names.

Yet Proskauer Rose blatantly defames and harasses me in a complaint to WIPO, to gain control over my domain names, when Proskauer Rose knows they have no legal right.  Proskauer Rose is deliberately, Selectively Prosecuting me per say and Proskauer Rose is defaming me to my Registrar and to my Clients, Customers ... through this unjust complaint.  Proskauer Rose has the nerve to say that I am Eliot Bernstein's "Cohert" in an irrational campaign against Proskauer Rose attorneys.  I write on many attorneys, many law firms, tech companies, hedge funds, telecommunications companies, bankruptcy proceedings, local - state and federal courts, judges, police, businesses, media companies, accounting firms, associations, and more... and it is defamatory, harassing, and down right wrong to say I am a "cohert" on someone else's campaign.  If Proskauer Rose has an issue, a valid legal issue with Mr. Eliot Bernstein, then Proskauer Rose needs to take that up with him.  It is illegal to say these flat out, fraudulant lies to steal my intellectual property.

The iViewit Case, one of many that I write on, proves that Proskauer Rose attorneys were certainly involved in a massive cover up, a scandal, and yes a conspiracy with government officials, state bars, tech and media companies and more to gain control over a 13 Trillion Dollar Technology, that was illegal pooled into licensings by MPEG LA, whereby Proskauer Rose Attorney Kenneth Rubbenstein has illegally aided and abetted this crime for over a decade.  Proskauer Rose Attorney Kenneth Rubbenstein perjured himself in depositions over the iViewit Technology Theft, there are audios online right now. Proskauer Rose Attorney Kenneth Rubbenstein was involved from the beginning, as was Proskauer Rose Christopher Wheeler and Mathew Triggs, there is document after document of proof. There are schill corporations, fraudulant billing, and more proof.  Yet Proskauer Rose is flat out lying to WIPO to take my intellectual property in conspiracy to hide the Truth and then they call it Eliot Bernstein's "irrational campaign against Proskauer Rose and their Attorneys." thing is Eliot Bernstein, was one of the inventors of a video technology so amazing that we all use it and have for a decade.  This technology is used in all things video and if a non-conflicted court 

Proskauer Rose Attorneys know that the 39 defendants with the State of New York are soon getting independent counsel that Proskauer Rose Cannot control, so Proskauer Rose is trying to control media, such as me. Who should be protected under Anti-Slapp laws designed to prevent big billion dollar companies from silencing bloggers who have very little money to fight back.  

I am in no way paid by, nor invested in iViewit Technologies in any way, and for Proskauer Rose to say I am a Cohert of Proskauer Rose is a slam and defamation against me and agains Eliot Bernstein.  Whom by the way, I own EliotBernstein.com as well to report on the iViewit Story, and StephenLamont.com ..as well as others involved.. it is  how I do business and yet Proskauer Rose thinks they can just come in and take my domain names by flat out lying to WIPO and presenting one or 2 documents out of 1200 to jade the truth, and distort the facts of the involvement of Proskauer Rose in the iViewit theft as names in and SEC Complaint, Dept. of Justice Complaint, FBI Complaint, and SEC Complaint.  And yeah I claimed that Proskauer Rose was involved in threatening lives, as that was what my sources have told me.

Not only on the iViewit case but on the Thomas Sjoblom, and the Allen Stanford Ponzi Scheme case and the Varsity Brands case, people begged me not to post their names as they feared for their life for what Proskauer Rose Attorneys may do to them. 

Proskauer Rose claims that the domain names were purchased to harass the Complaintant, Proskauer Rose and to "disrupt and damage" the business of Proskauer Rose.  This is in no way true, the names were purchased to expose Proskauer Rose attorneys. The Domain Names were purchased as a platform to write about stories already on the web and to give them better search engine placement through my expert Internet Search Skills, this selfless act to help an Inventor to get justice and well now the many others who have emailed me their Proskauer Rose story.  

Proskauer Rose accuses me of intentionally trying to attract users to my sight.  Gee, Proskauer Rose is getting pretty smart at this internet thing, ummmm that is what ALL blogs and websites do, they attract attention other wise they would write the story in a notebook and stick it in the garage.

As the Site AboveTheLaw.com talks of over the years.. Proskauer Rose thinks they are above the law and they act outside of "rational" legal venues, Proskauer Rose controls the courts, Proskauer Rose is involved in Whitewashing Scandals and what I write on Proskauer Rose is 

Proskauer Rose using WIPO as a platform to Whine about one of the cases I write on and use that as a reason to attempt to steal my Intellectual Property is simply a scheme cooked up by Proskauer Rose in order to make themselves look good to clients.  See I own to spots in the top ten search for Proskauer Rose, and if they can get WIPO to just give them the Domain Names that I have spent my time, my money on and my expertise to get them into that position, well then for FREE Proskauer Rose gets Internet Search Engine Placement that otherwise would cost them millions in past and future search engine reputation management fees.

Even though Proskauer Rose pays google to consume a huge spot on top and bottom in a top ten search, well Proskauer Rose just could not pay enough for any Reputation Manager to move me down in the search and they tried, as I saw the companies on my sites, my blog posts. So the Solution, just as with inventors, just take the Intellectual Property, pay nothing.. give no credit to the time, work, and money that the inventor, the blogger put into building this intellectual property, just come on in and get WIPO to take it and give Proskauer Rose instant search engine glamour for FREE.

If Proskauer Rose gets my Intellectual Property for FREE, as is the Proskauer Rose way, well how will this in any way stop the truth about Proskauer Rose, it will not silence other bloggers, it will not silence me, and it certainly will not silence the source of the posts, as there are tons of blogs, websites and forums that have the same information.  I just get it seen and will continue to do so, or help those posting it to do so.  Even if Proskauer Rose takes my livlihood, my domain names or even my very life, well the story is still all true, and the facts tell themselves.  Do your homework, Proskauer Rose Law Firm is guilty as to their involvement in a 13 Trillion Dollar Patent Theft period.  And bullying me will NEVER change that Absolute, without a doubt FACT. 

Proskauer Rose Jenifer deWolf Paine, Esq Claims that Proskauer Rose Gregg M. Mashberg is "well known and highly respected" and prints out a bunch of Proskauer Rose Client Alerts to prove that Gregg M. Mashberg is a really big deal and that when clients look up the name of Gregg Mashberg, gee darn they don't find the Proskauer Rose PR, and Fluff about Gregg M. Mashberg, instead they find my sites on the involvement of Gregg M. Mashberg  in the iViewit Technology Scandal.

So Gregg M. Mashberg and Proskauer Rose want to take GreggMashberg.com from me, as see Gregg M. Mashberg was not smart enough to by the Domain Name nor was the genious PR guys and gals that work for Proskauer Rose smart enough to tell them that might be a good thing.  So even though Gregg M. Mashberg  and Proskauer Rose have known for near 2 years that

I have been reporting on Proskauer Rose's involvement in the iViewit Case as wel las other scandals that Proskauer Rose has been involved in and there are plenty to talk about... Anyway, Proskauer Rose seems to think it magic that my Blogs come up high in search for the name of Proskauer Rose and of Gregg M. Mashberg.

And Proskauer Rose Law Firm thinks they can just steal the magic, by stealing the Domain Name, thing is I got the name to come up in the search.. my business, my expertise, my time, my money... and Proskauer Rose Lawyers just want to take advantage of my skills, expertise and for FREE with a simply act of stealing the domain name with thousands of incoming links, years of hard work and on my Million Dollar Network.. just like that.. magic.. Proskauer Rose Wins.. well I don't think so.. It is not fair, just, equitable or even legal.

Proskauer Rose Jenifer deWolf Paine, Esq even uses WIPO as a platform to tout the wonderful acheivement of Proskauer Rose Gregg M. Mashberg.

Proskauer Rose Jenifer deWolf Paine, Esq Claims that Proskauer Rose Gregg M. Mashberg has been quoted in "media". WOW.. that is Super Duper.. and Proskauer Rose Jenifer deWolf Paine, Esq Claims that Proskauer Rose Gregg M. Mashberg attorney has been "repeatedly named a "Super Lawyer" by New York Super Lawyers".

See Proskauer Rose seems to own the media that reports fabricated, fluffed, gibberish such as that.  Proskauer Rose pays for good press, and the quotes the good press in legal complaints to steal intellectual property. 

Proskauer Rose Jenifer deWolf Paine, Esq Claims that I, Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger have been "deliberately and misleadingly cloaking" WHAT?? another flat out lie, I use my real name proudly, I link to my source, I give my opinion .. all out in the open and NOTHING is "deliberately and misleadingly cloaking" - that is a Flat Out Lie. 

Stay Tuned, More Coming Soon on the "David and Goliath" story of how a multi-billion dollar law firm steals intellectual property, is involved in major scandals such as the Thomas Sjoblom and the Allen Stanford Ponzi Scheme (sources tell me that the bahamas Proskauer Rose legal dept. hid plenty of money for them boys..) - and much MUCH more coming soon on the TRUTH about Proskauer Rose.. keep on emailing your Proskauer Rose tips to Crystal@CrystalCox.com ..