Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The UM Law Insider

For prospective students, you want assurance that your law school will prepare you for a successful career; safety in Missoula, Montana is not much of a concern, or is it?

WOW !  GOOGLE Exec protects unauthorized Montana Law student--see this post as Jim Messina, described in this post, campaign manager for Obama 2012 from Montana has frequent lunches with CEO of Google in Chicago (and my blog posts on Messina and Wetzsteon disappear).
read more: http://www.whistleblowermedia.com/2011/11/google-helps-wetzsteon.html
A Break into this Blogpost for exciting news.......The European Student Law Association, in 42 Countries with 37,000 members endorses the disbarment of Angela Wetzsteon [thank you ESLA].  Also a hacking group possibly WIKILEAKS sent our US President letter to millions of targeted audience via email messages.  Montana corruption is being exposed, please consider a boycott of tourism here to bring basic human values to light.  Law, ethics do matter, apply them equally please.
Montana is continuing like nothing happened....PLEASE JOIN THE BOYCOTT IN PLACE.

Recently, Dean Irma Russell, when informed of a threat of a SNIPER on the roof of the Law School at University of Montana---sent an email asking the students to leave the building  !
www.billingsgazette.com/.../article_961ec5cc-942a-11df-b4ae-001cc4c03286.html   Billings, MT Gazette relaying the incident which would have put all of the law students, staff in jeopardy.

University of Montana Photograph
Dean Irma Russell of the 172/200 ranked ABA lawschools: The University of Montana Law School.

[UPDATE: the American Bar Assn pulled their press release; Montana Law-Natelson]

American Bar Association (ABA) report on University of Montana Law School--unauthorized practice of law students, unsupervised condoned by the largest voluntary lawyer ethics organization:

University of Montana threatens alum for attempting to speak to UM president:

Chief Legal Counsel of UM David Aronofsky instructs UM police:
Threaten Alumni with crime for asking to meet with UM President Engstrom:

Newspaper, Law school, US Senator protects Angela Wetzsteon in criminal conspiracy:

Ms. Russell condones unlawful student practice at University of Montana Law which damages lives.
The two accrediting institutions were recently contacted: American Bar Association, and American Association of Law Schools about the 20 year systemic problem of students practicing law without a license, known as criminal contempt:
Montana Code Annotated MCA 45-7-309(c) for violating the Montana Student Practice Rule
(Order #12982 from the Supreme Court for the State of Montana) http://www.montanabar.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=9

THIS JUST IN: The Montana Solicitor, Anthony Johnstone ranked 48th in the USA (worst) will TEACH Constitutional law @ University of Montana Law School Fall Semester 2011.  Steve Bullock's practices of violating American's rights wears on Anthony Johnstone: your new Constitutional law professor at Montana Law....
 Anthony Johnstone, former Montana AG Solicitor now Constitution Law Prof.
--For the University of the Biggest Disaster America has seen in re: civil rights: Montana

all Lawyers, as prospective students will come to understand, can argue their way out of any situation, what better place than Montana, the 48th ranked justice system by the US Justice Department.  We like to call it the "last best place for justice" or simply "Montanistan".  If you disagree, you might give your life, or livelihood to Montana, not just your hard earned tuition money.

all it takes is deciding to go along, and signing your name in the Bar registry of Montana.....

NO EXPERIENCE necessary to work for the Montana Public Defenders in Montana:
[Note--this link just secured the resignation of Chief Randi Hood on 9/9/11]

Your perspective Dean, Irma Russell will not meet with members of the public, even though we subsidize your education at the University of Montana.  A prerequisite before attending University of Montana Law is the Film "Legends of the Fall" (1994) and understand that Montana has always been corrupt, and your education here will seal it in your character:

"corruption scene" from Legends of the Fall (1994):  It is what Montana is REALLY all about....

if you squint, this actor looks like Steve Bullock running for Montana Governor in 2012.
[of course this would be my protected opinion as a blogger]

"We're not here to Arrest you"
no reasonable suspicion to enter home--no rights in Montana
[video translated into 9 languages]

Unlawful Visit by Probation officer, Police Chief
for Speaking in Public, a FELONY in Montana.
"GONE IN 30 sec."

If you are a parent, ask yourself if The University of Montana Law School is right for your child, and your hard earned money for tuition.  A pro-se litigant can easily outperform UM law grads in oral argument (even when the opposing party are "partners" and "shareholders") of law firms in Missoula Montana. UPDATE: Spreadbury wins partial victory in public information case!!
If a non-lawyer can beat their best, are you wasting your money at Montana Law? (172/200 ABA schools). 

Do you want your child ordered into the street when a sniper threat is called in? well it you do, and you want them to learn about crime and corruption, not doing the right thing, perhaps the 172/200 ranked Law School is right for your child.  We highly recommend the University of Montana law school to learn how to become a vandal: Angela Wetzsteon did!
http://wethepeoplemt.blogspot.com/2011/04/yes-you-are.html [yes you are a vandal-unlawful practice]

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock KAJ18.com photo
Since the Montana public subsidizes UM Law students education, we ask that they protect the public from the crime and corruption that comes from the Current AG, Steve Bullock native of Helena, Montana attended Columbia Law, learned how to cultivate crime and corruption in 48th ranked Montana by protecting unauthorized UM law students with public funds with his Tort Defense Division. 

Recall Steve Bullock; affidavit for recall on this link:

Steve Bullock's Montana: above the law, ethical rules, election law, or doing AG job well:

Prosecute Steve Bullock, the scum from Columbia law who criminalizes protected rights:

"Money for Nothing and his Law Students for Free" Steve Bullock in Dire Straights in Montana.

We the People of Montana, (ordinary Americans) made a documentary about Justice in Montana, which exposes the Pathology of Corrupt power over the people:  Beneath the Beauty.  Unauthorized Student Practice is one of many problems seen in national corruption in USA--with Montana ranking last.

movie: http://www.beneaththebeauty.com/
preview of a County Watch in DVD--Ron Paul supporters: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bny-uWxEip0  

Our letter to the US President: the first African American President ignoring civil rights..!
http://www.ethicscomplaint.com/2011/06/open-letter-to-president-obama-pleading.html  We mentioned the law student from The University of Montana Law School (who has not yet been disbarred) named Angela Wetzsteon. 

To see why Angela Wetzsteon should be disBarred:
[Answer: because it was white house staff Jim Messina covering up crime]

Jim Messina former White House Staff, Obama 2012 re-election manager
alumni board, University of Montana [Angela Wetzsteon, Montana Law '08]

The Jim Messina Political Show: busted for misconduct in 2007

The Montana US President letter asks Obama (at end; link above) who George Corn is.  Corn violates constitutional rights, laws, ethics, and answers to no one: not even Obama.  Corn is BFF (best friends forever; 20yrs) with US Senator Max Baucus [who placed Messina in the White House].

dml law
George Corn, (available: www.GeorgeCorn.com ) Wetzsteon's absent student supervisor is featured in the "archive" as is White House staff from Montana [Obama's re-election manager, Jim Messina].


Presidential appointment for Former Dean Edwin Eck
[IRS oversight in 2008]

US Senator Max Baucus gives $1.7M, Presidential appointment to former Dean Eck.

Newsflash: a Presidential appointment to cover Wetzsteon's 2007 Montana misconduct in 2008 . Dean Eck, prior to Dean Irma Russell at Montana Law was appointed to an IRS oversight board.
None other than MAX the FLASH BAUCUS US Senator (remember "healthcare"?) made request.

Truth in advertising---Dean Irma Russell and the University of Montana Law School Missoula Montana just embellish the truth about Montana just a little....they're lawyers, right?
http://www.investigativeblogger.com/2011/06/montana-law-must-go.html [Montana Law must GO]

Montana Law School
you too can practice law without a license: unsupervised
The Montana Attorney General uses public funds to protect student Angela Wetzsteon

Chief Justice McGrath should be disbarred in 2007; instead elected Chief Justice of Montana:
An invitation to the Class of 2014 at Montana Law to resign their spots as 1L freshmen:

The benefit is contempt of court as SPORT, practicing law unauthorized in Montana...come on out !
There is no law in Montana.