Monday, May 16, 2011

US Mail Tampering--Hamilton, MT

It seems people want to check up on the alleged mail tampering written about in the 2009 Montana President Letter found at and several other places on this blog network.

Here is a picture you will not believe of how mail gets delivered, when it does at 59840---Hamilton, MONTANISTAN [That's Montana without rights].

delivered mail in Hamilton, Montana---tampered

This envolope was addressed from Boone Karlberg PC Missoula Montana.  Lawyers can tamper with mail, because they are better than anyone else, allowed to commit, or cover up crime.  Several letters arrived in this condition.  Who puts lawyers in prison?

this is a different envelope
Boone Karlberg PC has no shame.
The American Bar Association protects criminal law students, law school at UM Law Montana.
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Mail to and from Hamilton, MT have been reported missing....including certified mail to the NIH Bethesda, MD about fire protection at RML.  Here is video from summer 2009 asking our SOLE US Representative for a federal fire station so we wont die of EBOLA or FLESH EATING BACTERIA:

Denny Rehberg now running for US Senate in Montana
How to Win a US Sentate Seat in Montana:

The certified US Mail lost from Hamilton Montana on February 26, 2009 headed for Bethesda, MD NIH HQ has certification numbers: # 7007 2560 0002 2505 6649.  It was asking for a federal fire station at the Rocky Mountain Labs Hamilton.  Why is so difficult to protect Americans?

The justice archive for BITTERROOT RISING includes NIH RML on pg. 218-238 at:
which will tell you about all of the corruption in Montana you ever want to know. 

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