Monday, June 6, 2011

Boycott the Bitterroot Public Library

Compound of the Bitterroot Public "Library"
Hamilton, Montanistan

photo from the Bitterroot Public Library ORGANIZATION operating on your public dollars (fraudulently).

The top ten reasons not to visit, or contribute (beyond mandatory taxation) to the Bitterroot Public Library Hamilton, Montana.

10. It is a crime to sit out on a sunny day in August and enjoy the sunshine on public property.

9. The Bitterroot Public Library controls what you read in violation of your rights, and their "policies".

8.  The Bitterroot Public Library may be the sole reason Montana has a bad reputation in the WORLD.

7. The Hamilton Montana Police will take staged pictures of your Grandmother to implicate criminal trespassing at the Bitterroot Public Library on public property.

6. Your Constitutional rights mean nothing on the Bitterroot Public Library "property".
    Note- Watch a Hamilton Montana Police Sergent warn a citizen about trespassing on public property---
    order our Documentary "Beneath the Beauty" [ ]

5. You might get defamed in staff meetings of the Bitterroot Public Library if you speak on the premises.

4. The written work you wanted to donate to the Bitterroot Public Library may end up as "evidence" at the Hamilton Police Department, Montana.

3.  You might have to face other residents of Hamilton, Montana wondering if they will find you guilty of trespassing on public property at the Bitterroot Public Library (they did).

2.  You might have to face the ex-spouse of a librarian as a Judge in your felony case for speaking on Bitterroot Public Library "property" after three weeks in 19 hour lockdowns (Happy Thanksgiving felons) and wonder what kind of sick joke happens in Ravalli County Montana.
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1. You have read Peter Pilkeys letter to President Obama from April 2009 and have decided that the Bitterroot Public Library is so far from the US Constitution that no special forces, or asset of the United States of America can breech the hatred, evil found at the Bitteroot Public Library Hamilton Montana.  You and your family avoid contact with the Bitterroot Public Library to protect from any possible transference.

The Montana US President letter can be read without financial or criminal charge at:
In the last 6 months, nearly 3 million readers understand about the Bitterroot Public Library; in the last 2 years it is approximated that more than 10 million know about Hamilton Montana, and its wonderful library.

Public Fraud of your public tax dollars at the Bitterroot Public Library:

Library Thing reviewers for the US President Letter by Peter Pilkey: nearly 3 Million hits!
We are proud to be the #1 Letter to the President, from Montana......awesome
the "Librarything" website gets more than 1,000 views a day---thanks Bitterroot Public Library for the "ban".

Happy Reading....not at the Bitterroot Public Library, Hamilton Montana...or is that MONTANISTAN?



[about 4 blocks south to be precise]

unlawful police entry, Hamilton Montana Chief
Ryan Oster