Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flatiron Development Montana: THEY wont come

Flat Iron Rach

There is a plan to build 400 homes outside Hamilton, Montana.

It's called FlatIron Development....(info courtesy of

There are groundwater issues, there are corruption issues, and there is a Mildenberger issue.

FlatIron Ranch--Montana
Flat Iron Ranch is located just outside Hamilton, Montana, on 400 acres of prime land strategically located in the midst of the Bitterroot Valley which is nestled between two of the most majestic mountain ranges in the western region of Montana---the Bitterroot Mountains on the west and the Sapphire Mountains on the east.


Note To Ravalli County Attorney 2008:

Ravalli County Attorney                                                        8-18-08

Subject: Annexation of County Land

  • Approximately 494 acres are proposed to be annexed to the City of Hamilton by way of Flat Iron Ranch Subdivision proposal.

  • This office has claimed that this issue is out of the office's jurisdiction.

  • The parcel of land is in Township 6 North, Range 20 W which falls within the boundaries of Ravalli County.

This letter is to ask to protect the property and land within Ravalli County to improper annexation.  The land is not contiguous to the city of Hamilton, and therefore
violates Montana Annotated Code.  MCA 7-2-43

Michael Spreadbury [do you think I got a response from the RCAO?] NOPE!!

Ravalli County is more interested in working together to scare you to death, charge you with crimes, and make it all seem NORMAL.  Why, its the isolation stupid.

Make sure to buy your dream retirement home at Flatiron Ranch Ravalli County Montana.

Flatiron Ranch Development Montana:

Here is the problem with this proposed development:
1) Nobody has money to buy houses
2) Hamilton Montana is becoming world renowned for corruption, crime in law enforcement, loss of life, and loss of livelihood outside of Constitutional protections.

The letter to the US president from Montana, authored by Peter Pilkey in March/April 2009 asking for Civil Rights...was ignored by the first black President of the United States....and seen by 10's of MILLIONS of American citizens who absolutely get it about Montana.

Peter Pilkeys letter to Obama from 2009:

Simple Internet research reveals the trauma and problems in Ravalli County, Hamilton Montana.

Like this photo:

and this blog post: about your rights in Hamilton MT: THERE IS NO EQUAL PROTECTION.

or this video clip about Montana Constitutional rights: (click picture below)

Steve Bullock's Law enforcement out of Control.  Yep, he's running for Governor of Montana.
read more: Steve Bullock's Montana


Or Max Baucus, six term senator drunk on the US Senate floor:

Notice the Flatiron Salute
(dont worry he's on "liquid courage")

                                                       MORAL OF STORY: NO ONE WILL COME

Flatiron Development is a scheme to get Ravalli County out of a recession that they will never get out of.  Why? because there is a civil rights and a ethical boycott of Montana (and Flatiron is at ground zero of the biggest corruption in US history.)



PS: you can't build your way out of a recession, or Montana's reputation as corrupt...its Beneath its own Beauty [ (full length documentary on  Montana Justice)]

FLATIRON Development in Hamilton Montana is DOA---local officials are in DENIAL.



WAL-MART STORES FLED THE AREA IN 2008----Because of the Corruption
[we wrote the CEO, Chief legal counsel--and told them about Hamilton Montana Corruption]

....but I bet you can score a great deal on the THOUSANDS of homes currently for sale in the area.  But our April 2009 letter to the 44th US president tells of GITMO type conditions in Ravalli County Montana.

This is how you will be treated if Steve Bullock, our "Attorney General" becomes Governor:

FLATIRON WILL BE THE FINAL ALBATROSS ON HAMILTON's BACK.....the sitting eyesore of arrogant corrupt old men who thought that Ravalli County Montana was immune to moral judgment.

No federal official, no state official dared touch this corruption. 
The People of Montana told the world.
If you are interested in buying at Flatiron because no one else will, read the Montana US President letter first:
(by the way,  3 million readers in 6 MONTHS, more like over 10 million in 2 years--they know about Montana)

There are plenty of Mountains in other Western US states....and your net income won't be taken.

FLATIRON Development in Montana was a flatliner well before the project broke ground.