Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose wants to Defend Proskauer Rose and is Whining yet Again to WIPO. Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose Law Firm Bully's Blogger to suppress Proskauer Rose Corruption Information Leak.

Proskauer Rose Law Firm is guilty in a 13 Trillion Dollar Patent Theft.  Read the Documents at www.Iviewit.Tv - listen to the perjured deposition of Proskauer Rose Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein and it is easy to see that Proskauer Rose was involved in the stealing of a 13 Trillion Dollar Patent.

So why is Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose Law Firm using WIPO to cover up a serious criminal conspiracy.  And why is Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose throwing such a tantrum and accusing me of a late answering to the frivolous ILLEGAL complaint of Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose in order to steal my Domain Names so that a Multi-Billion dollar law firm can get top search engine placement x Two from my years of work, my time, my money ? 

Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose Law Firm simply wants to STEAL my domain names. Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose lies to WIPO about the involvement of Proskauer Rose Law Firm in the Iviewit case and Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose accuses me of "parroting" Eliot Bernstein, owner of iViewit, Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose defames me, flat out lies about me and I defend myself and Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose wants to make sure and get the last word as one of the worlds largest law firms stomps on Free Speech Rights, on my Civil Rights, on my Media Rights, and flat out uses WIPO to steal a number of VERY valuable assets bought, built and maintained by me Crystal L. Cox - Investigative Blogger.

See the Proskauer Rose motto is we can't figure this Intellectual Property Stuff out of this here internet marketing thing, so we will just steal other people's intellectual property and make big money from it.

Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose know flat out that I use those domain names as a way to expose the corruption in the Proskauer Rose Law Firm and not just on the iViewit Case and Federal RICO Lawsuit pending over it, but also on other tips I get on the conspiracies, crimes and cover ups of Proskauer Rose Lawyers.  Yet Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose keeps coming for me to shut me up via STEALING my Intellectual Property.

Proskauer Rose Law Firm is Thugs, Bully's and Proskauer Rose LLP is using their political clout, their money, their corporate elite power to STOMP on my rights as a blogger, an investigative reporter, a property owner, a business owner and someone who is simply MEDIA exposing tips on Proskauer Rose and yes READING other people's sites, documents, and court cases to "parrot" these cases on my blog and get them found in the search engines.  
Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose knows that Proskauer Rose has hired Reputation Defender to come after me in the search engines, yet tells WIPO its all about me competing and other lies that have nothing to do with the FACT that these are my properties, built and owned by me and Proskauer Rose LLP has known of these sites for over 1.5 years as is proven by my statcounter.  

So why is Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose coming after me now?  Most likely because Proskauer Rose's time is up, no more hiding behind the delicate, teetering, yet very high wall of corruption in New York and Florida and no more hiding behind the skirt of ex-Supreme Court Judge Judith Kaye, oh and the gig is up for ex NYAG Andrew Cuomo who is now governor  - so who does Proskauer Rose Law Firm turn to in order to STOP the truth from getting out?  Well apparently WIPO, in order to simply take the domain names of those exposing the corruption, cover ups, crimes and conspiracies of Proskauer Rose.

Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose whiny, bitchy email to WIPO ... Factual Inaccuries?  what about the Flat about lies in the complaint to WIPO by Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose, in order to Steal my Domain names.  And what does WIPO have to do with the crimes and accuses of crimes regarding Proskauer Rose or me, as Media writing on these issues.  WIPO is not a court of law, STICK to the Facts Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose and stop trying to get WIPO involved in the 13 Trillion Dollar Liability of Proskauer Rose.

As when 
Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose gets WIPO to do this dirty deed then WIPO will be Liable, in conspiracy for suppressing media and the TRUTH on massive shareholder fraud, Federal RICO Crimes, SEC Crimes, USPTO crimes, crimes against the federal government and more.  WIPO surely will read the 1200 documents at iViewit.TV before putting their name on this massive liability, as WIPO will be named in future legal action for the facts are the facts and if Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose recruits WIPO, in conspiracy to hide these white collar crimes, well then those on the WIPO panel and WIPO in general will be liable.  

Also keep in mind I demanded those at WIPO sign a conflict of interest form to ensure there is no favortism for a multi-billion dollar law firm and WIPO has not complied, this could lead to future criminal complaints against those individuals.  Also keep in mind that the iViewit Case is international and just because WIPO panelists are out of country that has no bearing on the liability of WIPO in this case.  So we continue the David and Goliath store of Jenifer deWolf of Proskauer Rose fighting for the domain names of an investigative blogger, ME - Crystal L. Cox, to Shut me Up.  Stay Tuned, as long as Proskauer Rose Law Firm exists, 

"From: "Paine, Jenifer deWolf" <>
Date: Jun 7, 2011 4:31 PM
Subject: D2011-0675 - [PR-CURRENT.FID943193]
To: <
Cc: <

Complainant is in receipt of Registrant's Response. 

Although there is no automatic right to a Reply, due to the nature of Respondent's untimely Response, Complainant is requesting that the Panel allow it to submit a short (no more than one page) Reply to address certain legal assertions and factual inaccuracies contained in Registrant's Response.
We will await word from the Panel as to whether it will entertain such a Reply. 
Thank you.