Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peggy Tonon failed

I ran into Peggy Tonon today, coddling Angela Wetzsteon in a Ravalli County Courtroom.

My question was: Were you Angela Wetzsteon's teacher?
[why was she holding her hand now?]

Peggy Tonon, Director of Student Affairsumt(dot) edu/law

Peggy Tonon was used to being the Professor in charge, and not the public servant.  Long story short, she did not believe Angela Wetzsteon is a Vandal [although she was coddling her in court].

Peggy Tonon's place of former "work"
Montana Law School
Peggy Tonon helped to gain this school by crapping on ethics.
[she now hangs her head when she sees me]
Peggy Tonon did not uphold the Montana Student Practice Rule
Angela Wetzsteon practiced solo Aug. 8, 2007; graduated 2008
I brought back a sworn statement from a judge, proving Angela Wetzsteon prosecuted without supervision, but Ms. Tonon decided to hide in the locked quarters of the Ravalli County Attorney Office.  Peggy Tonon looks down when she sees me: what good will that do?

Can you imagine the poor old woman's reality thinking that she was helping to make excellent law students, when in fact Peggy Tonon created VANDALS who needlessly takes the rights of her victims, as other Montana law students are trained to do.  Peggy Tonon failed.
Read More: http://www.attorneycorruption.com/2011/02/angela-b-wetzsteon-prosecutor-ravalli.html

Montana is the Treasure state,
but the treasure is in the resources, not mining the people's rights Ms. Tonon.

Beware of Montana Grizzly law students: who all act like Angela Wetzsteon:http://www.industrywhistleblower.com/2011/08/beware-of-montana-grizzlies.html

A video dedicated to Angela Wetzsteon
because Peggy Tonon failed.

practice law without a license in Montana--laws dont matter.
Peggy Tonon's reality is what she saw today--her twenty years of being shut up in a University with the feedback loop that her preparation was wonderful.  Having the reality of her former student practicing law without a license comes with responsibility now, Peg.

Montana Ethical Rules
not upheld by Peggy Tonon
Rule 4.1 of the Montana Professional Ethics Rules
[Peggy Tonon must know these]
truthfulness in statement to others, and subsection (b) says failure to disclose a material fact to a third person when disclosure is necessary to avoid the ASSISTANCE OF A CRIMINAL ACT or FRAUD.
criminal contempt of court by violating Student Practice Rule: MCA 45-7-309(c).
violation of a court order: Order #12982 [Student Practice Rule; MT Supra]

Rule 5.5 Unauthorized Practice of Law
A lawyer shall not Practice Unauthorized [Wetzsteon Aug. 8, 2007]
A lawyer shall not assist a lawyer's unauthorised practice

Those that failed Montana by not being ethically responsible:

William "Bill" Fulbright
George H Corn
Peggy Tonon
Betsy Brandborg Montana Bar Association
Steve Bullock who used public funds to protect Angela Wetzsteon [#4 FBI priority]
The Montana Supreme Court in Cause No. DA-10-0492
As a licensed teacher, I was required to report any abuse with my students.

As a Lawyer in Montana, Peggy Tonon is required to turn in Angela Wetzsteon for criminal conduct.
[she was given a copy of the sworn stagement, tampered evidence TODAY]
Wetzsteon's evidence
self inflicted damage to right cheek, Spreadbury was standing to left.  "Evidence" submitted after discovery by Wetzsteon.

Ravalli County Deputies can commit felony evidence tampering
 law student prosecutes without Supervision.


So was Bill Fulbright.
So was George Corn.
So was Former Dean Eck [the presidential appointment took care of that ethical issue].
So is Dean Irma Russell
Back to the issue: Peggy Tonon surrounded herself with supporters who did not know what the University of Montana law school created.  It created VANDALS.

It created Angela Wetzsteon.  It ended my work life.

Angela Wetzsteon celebrating contempt of Court
Prosecuted law August 8, 2007
admitted to Montana Bar October 9, 2008
And Peggy Tonon ran away.

And Peggy Tonon's 20 year history as a professor is written.....she failed.

My money says Peggy Tonon won't do the right thing, will break the Professional ethics rules like Angela Wetzsteon did on August 8, 2007.  Do all lawyers become cowards when the commander in chief is also a lawyer (and mysteriously the University of Montana raises $40M for a renovation?)

No more exceptional help for at time of disaster--because Peggy Tonon followed orders.
Peggy, do you know that I was deployed for FEMA, and my supervisor made me go home immediately so could be chased by Sheriff Deputies so I could turn myself in for "not appearing" not a crime, and not objected to by your law student Angela Wetzsteon?

LIVE DEMONSTRATION: law enforcement violating rights.

no rights upheld in Montana.

Unlawful entry, Hamilton Montana Police, Montana Department of Corrections.

Probation officer misconduct:
Police Chief resignation: from the Northwest Tribune

MY Bullshit Peggy Tonon trained lawyer

big sky legal
Mathew Stevenson, Big Sky Legal
Missoula Montana

Mathew Stevenson
Angela Wetzsteon
Peggy Tonon

[its the criminal conspiracy stupid]

Missoulian protecting actors who conpired to damage my livlihood

Lee Enterprises protects Corrupt Montana Officials

Mat Stevenson, the Subserving Shyster: an ethics complaint:

I borrowed money from my dad to pay my  BULLSHIT Montana trained lawyer who made me turn myself in on a tile 3 contempt in Montana [no crime].  I have not paid my dad back yet.
The citizens of this country do not get my service, but thank god you are no longer Clinics Director.

Should I tell my Dad that you thought Angela Wetzsteon was wonderful, and you deny the criminal contempt?  Should I tell him the clinics director, you Peggy Tonon FAILED US?

Enjoy your retirement Peggy Tonon, I will live UNDER the poverty line for the next 30 years because you did not think to teach Angela Wetzsteon ethics, the actual law, or the constitution.

My worst problem is not understanding.  Its been 4 years.
Why did Angela practice law without a license and has career advantage over me?

I helped people as a teacher, and a disaster mitigation specialist.  Angela Wetzsteon helped herself to my rights, as did Bill Fulbright, your boss until this Thursday.
read more: http://www.ethicscomplaint.com/2011/06/prosecutor-william-bill-fulbright.html

Every day is like retirement now, because you didn't do your job Peggy.
Karma and the Internet.  Its all I have.

Because Peggy Tonon's reality didn't mesh with what she thought it was.
Think about that in your spare time.

Peggy Tonon in her spare time in Hamilton, Montana pictured with her husband.
Nobody destroyed her career, even when she failed.
Her reputation can be destroyed, she can be asked why in the street, or in the Hamilton Garden Club. 


YOU FAILED.