Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scientific Fraud at NIH

If you live in Hamilton Montana, you can really hear the fraud.  The new NIH Bio-level 4 facility, unprotected, was fully operational (per Rocky Mountain Lab public relations) as of May 2009.  The roof fans can be heard for 3-5 blocks from the facility, and those pesky 100 species of wildfowl identified within 200 yards to the West by the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) conducted by NIH.


recorded at NIH RML Sunday September 25, 2011
59db A recorded, evident on this video.
The World Health Organization says more than 30 dbA is dangerous to health from Low Frequency Noise (LFN).  This noise comes from industrial processes and is generally < 500Hz. for frequency.  All of the sound signature from the NIH facility in Hamilton, MT is confirmed less than 500Hz or LFN.

An unlicensed contractor, Big Sky Acoustics from Helena, MT measured the sound signature from Rocky Mountain Labs (RML) the NIH facility in Hamilton, MT.  NIH committed scientific fraud by reducing facility sound emissions on February 2, 2011 (day of testing) by 10-15db.  This amounts to a reduction in HALF of the magnitude of sound emissions so the unlicensed contractor could "measure" using improper methods defrauding the public on the actual sound magnitude coming from the Hamilton MT NIH facility.

The sound contractor did not come on an unannounced day, it was known to me for weeks.  This is not independent scientific measurement, but scientific fraud.  I was "invited" to observe the data, then not allowed in the facility.  While the sound contractor was in the community, I observed the sound signature as all less than 500 Hz; Low Frequency Noise (LFN): hazardous to humans health with exposure.

The "A" weighted scale used by the contractor is known to suppresses LFN by up to 14db.  This is consistent with my reading of 56db and 61 db at 0430hrs on April 6, 2011.  Remember, the World Health Organization says less than 30 dbA, although a "self imposed standard" of 55db day 50db night is TWICE as loud as 30dbA.  Every change in 10 db indicates a doubling of magnitude, approximately.

                                                         Sound Measurements at NIH-RML:

19:21 hrs (night) with 54dbA in front of RML sign
above "self imposed" standard of 50dbA

Here is the Propaganda from the NIH lab sent as a "Community Update"--we commit fraud and misrepresent it to the community as the "authority"

04:29hrs. 56dbC (night) April 6, 2011 [next measurement, same location at 61dbC]

According to a $50 Radio Shack digital sound level operating manual, the "A" scale does not pick up LFN and should not be used.  The World Health Org. (WHO) also states "A" scale is inappropriate to measure LFN.  They recommend "C" scale for low frequency noise (LFN).  Average "C" range Measurement 63db at RML.  This is three (3) times the magnitude or loudness recommended by WHO; NIH does what it wants in Hamilton Montana, because it pays to play with corrupt state, local and county governments.

Imagine being kept awake, adding stress, and reducing the enjoyment of your property? The NIH facility in Hamilton, MT pays off local officials (a county commissioner told me this) to do what it wants.  The NIH Mission Statement stands for scientific integrity, and accountability to the public.  Scientific fraud in Hamilton, MT is not consistent with this NIH mission.

bitterrootstar photo
Feed and Farm in Hamilton, MT burned to the ground in 2007
No volunteers, no equipment seen in photograph.

The fire protection/emergency services are non-existent where biological agents at RML have no cure such as Ebola, Flesh eating bacteria and others.  Hamilton Montana has 29 volunteers called out by a 1950's air raid siren.  There is not a storage or staging area for emergency services at RML, and the responding Haz Mat is 45 miles away in Missoula, MT.  Weather, road construction, accidents block the response to RML:

Ravalli Republic/Erickson photo
Truck blocks US 93 (a top 10 deadliest section of US Highways) between Missoula and Hamilton Montana.
The road is now under construction and 25mph with stops.
Blown trees over roadway blocks US 93 and admits motorists to ER at Marcus Daly Hospital Hamilton.
Climate at 3500ft. of elevation in Montana creates non-assured response to RML.

Here is a video shot August 21, 2009 as US Representative Rehberg had a listening session.  He obviously does not listen to well to his constituents: we need a federal fire station like the NIH HQ in Bethesda, MD.

Peter Pilkey, retired Seattle Firefighter was so concerned about NIH emergency protection, Montana fraud that he wrote a letter to US President Obama about it.
 [more than 10 Million readers since published spring 2009].

We have seen disasters at Chernobyl, and Fukishima, Japan.  The common denominator is hubris, arrogance, and no oversight to this mentality.  It is one thing to have scientific fraud at NIH which affects American's health who live in Hamilton, MT, it is another to not secure this facility with proper emergency services.  The Bitterroot river is tributary to NW drainage (Portland, Seattle).

Erickson Photo/Ravalli Republic
 This helecopter scoops water within a few hundred yards of the NIH facility. This 2010 wildfire was within a mile of the NIH campus in Hamilton, MT.   Ravalli County Montana saw the first Presidential wildfire declaration in year 2000.

No Protection on campus: High Fire danger, infectious agents without emergency services:
Footnote, in a call to an actual Acoustics Engineer in Denver, Colorado he said that he was sure the Helena based NIH contractor knew he was committing fraud merely by the measurement method, not the combined effort with NIH to reduce sound signature the day of the "tests".

Michael Spreadbury, former decorated FEMA officer, proximity resident.
filed a NEPA claim against RML, NIH for alleged environmental law violations at RML:

again, paying to play with corrupt local governments jeopardizes safety, health.  Montana ranks 48th/48 for justice in the USA.  read the Bitterroot Rising archive (238pg) about RML on pages 210-228 of this archive:
NIH owes a responsibility to Americans to maintain scientific integrity, safety.  The mission statement went down the Bitterroot River along with their 60Million gal./yr. in wastewater from RML.