Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Survivors/Deserters Montana Attorney General

Our group worked with Kathy Seeley former assistant Montana Attorney Gerneral, tamed by the Dogs who worked there.  Her favorite quote was:

"Montana has wide latitude" (to violate your rights)

Kathy Seeley via
Kathy Seeley tried to help as Montana Law was butchered in Ravalli County Montana in 2006.  Where there is an evil way, Montana will get it done.  Is that why Kathy Seeley became a Lewis and County Judge, to escape the conditions in the Montana Attorney General office (we think she has some class---think)

Anthony Johnstone, Montanistan Solicitor:

The Montana Attorney General, who protected unauthorized practice in Montana of a law student with their Tort Division will now teach these Montana law students about "Contitutional Law". 

Is this a covert OP? or a indication that Anthony Johnstone thinks Steve Bullock will end up in jail?

We gave the prospective Montana law students a heads up:

Montana ranks last in the nation for Justice, says the US Dept. of Justice so why would you let the the entity who is corrupting the state "teach your children well"?

How can a top Dean candidate, Irma Russell allow such activity in her law school?  When we asked a Ravalli County Commissioner, he said it was like having "a gun to his head" when George Corn, [supervisor to the rogue law student who practiced unsupervised] asked for any budget he wanted in Ravalli County.

Did Dean Irma Russell have a figurative gun to her head by forces within Montanistan? 
Corruption works in strange, and scary ways in Montana---they "Git R Done"

Why did these officials jump ship, or in Johnstone's case.....abandon ship due to seeing the evil in Steve Bullock, or was it orders to capture directly the "flock" of new students at the University of Montana law school?

Montana is on a road to nowhere:

The university of Montana law school is also on a road to nowhere if it hires a 48th ranked Solicitor to "teach" Constitutional law in Missoula.  OMG what are they thinking!

A nationally renowned Constitutional law professor could have been hired...yet they hire a shark from within.

University of Montana law, ranked 172 out of 200 "approved" law schools...and declining.