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Joseph Leccese Bio Information.

Joseph M. Leccese is the Chairman of Proskauer Rose Law Firm. and co-head of the Sports Law Group.
Why was Joseph Leccese chosen to be Chairman of Proskauer Rose Law Firm? Got a tip on Chairman of Proskauer Rose Law Firm, Joseph Leccese ( Joe Leccese) ~

Joseph Leccese of Proskauer Rose is said  have had a broad-based corporate practice with particular emphasis on the representation of professional sports leagues, teams and owners; college conferences; and financial institutions that provide capital to the broad array of transactions that occur in the sports industry.

So how does this Qualify Joseph Leccese of Proskauer Rose to be the Chairman of Proskauer Rose Law Firm, a multi-Billion Dollar Law Firm?

Proskauer Rose Law Firm, Joseph Leccese  sports experience is said to includes numerous matters for the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, PAC-12 Conference, ATP Tour and WTA Tour, as well as for a number of individual sports teams, owners and sports-related entities. Some more to Qualify Proskauer Rose Law FirmJoseph Leccese to be Chairman of Proskauer Rose Law Firm ?  What is the REAL Chairman of Proskauer Rose Law Firm, Joseph Leccese Story?

It is said that Joseph Leccese has handled a number of matters relating to the acquisition, financing, operation and equity funding of professional sports teams, including the acquisition of the Washington Nationals for Theodore N. Lerner, the New York Jets for Robert Wood Johnson IV and the Philadelphia Eagles for Jeffrey R. Lurie. Is this what qualifies Joseph Leccese of Proskauer Rose to be Chairman of Proskauer Rose Law Firm?

Joseph Leccese know of Proskauer Rose's involvement in a 13 Trillion Dollar Technology Theft and Joseph Leccese of Proskauer Rose LLP Does NOTHING to make this right in ANY way.

Joseph Leccese wanted so badly to STOP you from knowing the Truth about Proskauer Rose Law Firm being involved in Rico Crimes, Massive Shareholder Fraud, Technology Theft, and to cover up the behavior of Proskauer Rose Law Firm that Joseph Leccese sent one of his tip Proskauer Rose Attorneys to defame me, harass me, and try and take millions upon million of dollars of my Intellectual Property to take over the search for the Proskauer Rose name and for Joseph Leccese" - so Joseph Leccese, Proskauer Rose spent big money and lots of time DEFAMING me to "attempt" to take my Domain Name Joseph Leccese .com as well as other Proskauer Rose Sites that I have.

Joseph Leccese lost that Battle.  Joseph Leccese now must face the facts that there are over 1200 documents online proving the GUILT of Proskauer Rose Attorneys in the Iviewit Technology Theft.  And now Joseph Leccese of Proskauer Rose Law Firm is involved in this RICO Crime, Massive Shareholder Fraud, SEC Complaint, Federal RICO Lawsuit, DOJ Complaint, FBI Complaint and Patent Theft.

Joseph M. Leccese, a New York, New York (NY) Lawyer, Attorney - Intellectual Property, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sports.

Joseph Leccese  has been the lead negotiator in multiple stadium and arena deals and financings, including in connection with the facilities developed by the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, New Jersey Devils and Orlando Magic, as well as the arena developed by the NBA in Charlotte. Does that Joseph Leccese experience giv Joseph Leccese what is needed to be the Proskauer Rose Chairman.

Joseph Leccese is said to have represented lenders in connection with a number of facilities-related financings, including the financing for Citi Field. Does that Joseph Leccese experience giv Joseph Leccese what is needed to be the Proskauer Rose Chairman.

Joseph Leccese is said to have handled a variety of joint ventures and other innovative sports transactions, including the formation of NBA China, the WNBA, the NBA Development League and Legends Hospitality, a joint venture among affiliates of the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees and Goldman Sachs. Does that Joseph Leccese experience giv Joseph Leccese what is needed to be the Proskauer Rose Chairman.

Joseph Leccese is said to have broad experience advising on national and international television contracts with major telecasters; the exploitation of Internet, new media and technology rights; and a variety of matters relating to the exploitation of stadia and arenas, including naming rights, seat licenses and related arrangements.

I own and Proskauer Rose and it seems to me that Proskauer Rose has paid google to silence me, for those blogs will NOT update, not since January.  As it is Proskauer Rose pays for 50% of the top search for Proskauer Rose, thing is I own alot of the names in the top search for Proskauer Rose and all their money and bullying has yet to STOP that.

I will continue to examine why those sites won't update, and google may be named in my $450 Million Dollar Proskauer Rose Lawsuit, should a non-Corrupt Court look at my Case.

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