Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beware of Montana Grizzlies


In Yellowstone National Park in July 2011 the first fatal Grizzly Bear attack in 25 some years occurred.  The second consecutive fatal attack occurred in August 2011.  When we all thought YOGI the Bear was simply stealing picnic baskets, he seems to be disguised as Montana Grizzly Bear in 2011 roaming his territory in Yellowstone National Park.

Some parents out there are proud of their Montana Grizzlies at the University of Montana Missoula.  It is a tier III school who recruits kids from back east for their bargain rate tuition.  The Trade off is becoming a Montana Grizzly.

The University of Montana Law School (Ranked 172/200 Law Schools) has been pumping out Montana Grizzlies for a hundred years; the centennial celebration was this year:

Montana Law School Grizzlies:
100 years of producing "vandals" that take American's rights

they hooded Bob Bennett, heard from Eric Holder at the Montana Grizzly Campus.

The American Bar Association protects Montana Grizzlies:


The Grizzly Graduates of the University of Montana Law school participate and look the other way as Americans get mauled within the last ranked state for justice, Montana [US DOJ '07].
Unauthorized Practice: The "mauling" of Americans by Montana Grizzly law students:

The Montana Law School
Learn how to steal American's Rights
Ethics is for Chumps:

 The price is cheap to attend the University of Montana Law school, but the costs are very high.  Consider this when your Grizzly Law Student comes home for Thanksgiving or Christmas Break: how will their judgment be compromised as a Montana Grizzly when their best is needed?  Will they maul some one's reputation, or likely their constitutional rights due to being taught by the 2nd in command of the WORST Attorney General office in the United States?
read more:

When looking for a law school to attend, if you look at enough schools a resounding message comes out: go to school where you want to work.  This is due to local corruption, bias and an erosion of our constitutional rights by the same forces that drive Montana Grizzlies.

Perspective Montana Law Students:
Montana Law is ranked near last 172/200 law schools in the US
"you get what you pay for"
Montana Grizzlies tap into the call of the wild.  University of Montana law students are taught, and ingrained their education of destroying people, their rights to maintain their own, like an actual Grizzly Sow and pups.  Campers in Yellowstone National Park sleep better when their scents, and food is secured within a nylon laundry bag 15 feet above the ground.  Relying on bear spray alone is foolhardy and a misnomer when dealing with Montana Grizzlies.

The University of Montana has put a Montana Grizzly inside the White House, and retains him as an advisor for the Grizzly Alumni.  This particular Grizzly, Jim Messina of Montana learned from his Grizzly "father" US Senator Max Baucus who arrests opposing views; a criminal and constitutional mauling of sorts.  Max Baucus was under direct orders of the Chief Grizzly of Staff to produce Obamacare.  That Bear has run off and become the mayor of Chicago, but had Chicago Grizzly in his blood: no compromise and be tough as nails.

Montana Grizzlies are to be avoided.  We are not free when a chance of attack can happen.  To send you child to the last ranked state for any major is a risky endeavor.  To send your child to become a Montana Grizzly has other implications: US Forest Rangers under orders to uthinize Grizzlies who attack Americans in Yellowstone National Park.

While there may be justice for Americans who die at the hands of Grizzlies in Yellowstone, Americans who suffer and die at the hands of Montana Grizzlies may not be so lucky.

Our pleading to President Obama (10pg) for justice in Montana from Montana Grizzlies:

Even if Montana Grizzlies are attempting to reelect the US President, should we have constitutional rights in the United States, or should we be mauled by Montana Grizzlies?