Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Domestic Violence, the Rights of Men, Domestic Violence Rights

"We’re all familiar with the terrifying ordeals of ­battered wives, beaten, abused and humiliated in their own homes. But what ­happens when the ­situation is turned on its head?
More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male, yet they often ­struggle to find support and feel ashamed to look for help. But there is hope, thanks to the UK’s growing number of refuges exclusive to men.
Safe house ­Kendal Lodge, a terraced house in Powys, Mid Wales, which was the first to open in 2006, has provided a home for more than 50 battered men over the years and children, too.
Men are housed in one of three bedrooms – named Faith, Hope and Charity – and given bedding, clothes and toiletries, while children get toys to help them settle in."

"Even then, many male victims choose not to take them up as it would mean moving a long way from their families. Mark Brooks of charity Mankind says the situation for many is still dire.
“There is gradual improvement in services for male victims but progress is far too slow,” he says.
“We regularly receive calls from men who are forced to sleep in their cars or suffer in silence at home because they have nowhere to go and they fear no one will believe them.” "

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