Monday, September 12, 2011

Harbinger Capital, Phil Falcone, William A. Ackman - Citigroup - Philip Falcone Connections and Possible Conflicts of Interest

William A. Ackman "purchased 150 million shares of Citigroup" June 2nd 2010 Headline

 the U.S. government recently announced the sale of 1.5 billion shares of Citigroup and it has plenty more to sell."
"Phil Falcone's Harbinger Capital Partners recently disclosed a new massive stake in Citigroup."

Phil Falcone and Bill Ackman Connections, Possible Conflicts of Interests, Deals, Secret Handshakes, Behind Closed Doors ~ eMail your Philip Falcone William Ackman Tip to 

Philip Falcone Made Billions Betting Against the Real Estate Market, betting Against Homeowners and Knowing the "Crisis" was coming I Believe.  I believe that Philip Falcone had inside information, just my opinion.  I Believe Harbinger Capital Phil Falcone now of Lightsquared had knowledge with connections with Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and More and I Believe that Kathleen Murphy, Omar Asali and others are insiders that got good jobs with Harbinger Capital after the Billions Were made.

Now I believe that Philip Falcone knows that real estate is about to boom, meaning new buyers are getting all those homes lost to homeowners, Investors Like Philip Falcone are buying up Shares in the Banks that Supposedly Went Under in the Government Bailout you actually paid for.  Banks are lending, and the shareholders WILL hit pay dirt as we all need a place to live so real estate is NOT going anywhere really.

Stay tuned for lots of connections, affiliations, history about Harbinger Capital and ALL Connected Businesses, Bankruptcies, CEO's and More.

Question:  Does Philip Falcone's Connections with William Ackman have anything to do with ANY political favors that have helped Lightquared thus far?

Is William A. Ackman invested in Lightsquared or other Harbinger Capital connected Companies?  Wasn't there a big stir back in June about Philip Falcone using Harbinger Capital Investors Money in a way that was not of their best interest?

Crystal L. Cox
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