Thursday, September 1, 2011

John Muhlfeld - John Muhlfeld is Running for Mayor for Whitefish Montana - Do NOT Vote John Muhlfeld / John Muhlfield

John Muhlfeld John Muhlfield ( Many documents spell John Muhlfeld's name both ways as John Muhlfeld and as John Muhlfield, so I will spell it both ways so ALL can find the John Muhlfeld - John Muhlfield they are looking for.

Dig Deep when Considering John MuhlfeldJohn Muhlfield for Mayor of Whitefish Montana.

I have NOT had Good Experiences with John Muhlfeld - John Muhlfield of River Design Group

My Experience with John Muhlfeld is that he ruins lives. I have witnessed John Muhlfeld of River Design Group speak of hiring who he wants on those big tax dollar projects to restore streams, even though for the "public" and to be within the boundaries of the law John Muhlfeld would advertise for these jobs.  John Muhlfeld said this in front of FWP and many other witnesses.

I have witnessed the stream restoration projects that John Muhlfeld of River Design Group was in charge of, rip out ever year due to shoddy work, as John Muhlfeld simply gets more grant money, tax payer dollars to hire his friends to do the same bad job.  Also during this project John Muhlfeld disrespected our right to private property.  John Muhlfeld let his dogs run thru our house and garage, John Muhlfeld left our livestock gates open and John Muhlfeld had total disrespect as John Muhlfeld acted above the property own and in CHARGE of their property simply because a stream ran thru it.

John Muhlfeld, In my experience is not an honest man, John Muhlfeld is not a man of honor and integrity and John Muhlfeld now running for the Mayor of Whitifish Montana has sparked me to speak out again about my experience with John Muhlfeld of the River Design Group and to post ALL tips I get On John Muhlfeld.

I have had calls and emails over the last 5 years about John Muhlfeld and I have simply kept quiet. Though the Grave Creek Resoration project that John Muhlfeld worked on affected my life personally and affected Montana Taxpayers Immensley.

I will soon post emails and information on John Muhlfeld and the River Design Group to let Whitefish Voters know they better dig deep and think twice as John Muhlfeld has many skeletons from what I have heard and what I have witnessed.

Please Email me your John Muhlfeld of Whitefish Montana tip to

Know that ALL eMails, Phone Calls and VOICEMAIL are Subject to me Posting at my Discretion.  If you Feel anything is Posted in Error, and want me to "Consider" a retraction, please email me at .

In my Opinion, Experience, Tips Given to Me and Information I have heard and Researched I believe John Muhlfeld is dishonest, .. Does not work to really protect Water Quality but instead to Protect the interest of John Muhlfeld and that John Muhlfeld has possibly lied on federal contracts, received favortism and maybe even committed possible, alleged fraud against the government.  If you have information on any of this and you file a Whistleblower Lawsuit, by Law - Whistleblower Law, you may be Entitled to 30% of what you recover for the Government.

IN my Opinion and Experience, and Tips I Received I Believe John Muhlfeld lacks integrity in dealings in Whitefish, if you have ANY information on John Muhlfeld and possible fraud, corruption, collusion, conflict of interest within the Whitefish Montana council, please email your John Muhlfeld tip to me at

John Muhlfeld - Whitefish Montana

DO Not Vote for John Muhlfeld for Mayor of Whitefish, Dig Deep - ask Questions, your Property Rights and Tax Dollars are Next.

Lots More Coming Soon on John Muhlfeld

My investigative Blog Network as well as and will explore all aspects and details of John Muhlfeld - John Muhlfield of River Design Group's career - every dollar, deed, secret, document - so let's here it folks.  Send your John Muhlfeld - John Muhlfield of River Design Group tip to 

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger

Please note John Muhlfeld and John Muhlfield are two spellings for John Muhlfields name in the search engines so I use both so you can find ALL i say about John Muhlfeld.