Thursday, September 1, 2011

Montana Public Defenders

David Stenerson, whose wife is his assistant in Missoula as the Deputy Regional Public Defender cant figure out what court to send paperwork.

David Stenerson used to work out of the Hamilton Montana Office before being promoted.  Was Stenerson promoted due to incompent defense for sitting on public property, speaking in public?  David Stenerson is on the Clinics Board of Visitors for the University of Montana Law School; student Angela Wetzsteon (now Deputy Prosecutor in Hamilton) practiced law unsupervised: a misdemeanor crime.  Crime covered up like WATERGATE for Montana by Montana Print Media, Judicial system.

Montana Law School

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More information on problems in the Montana Public Defenders office:
Call the Montana Public Defenders office: excuses, excuses, cover for incompetency, no action.

As someone who has been in the Missoula County Detention Center:
your collect call will be answered.
[says the sheet by the collect telphone]---the receptionist hangs up.

Two weeks went by, both Hamilton, Missoula Public Defenders did not pick up.

Application paperwork took two weeks to arrive in Missoula from Hamilton. The US Mail, when they dont steal or tamper with your mail takes one (1) day.
read more:

Missoulian photo
Ms. Randi Hood, Graduate of U. of Montana Law (ranked 172/200)
Chief Public Defender, Montana

Notice how Ms. Hood poses for the camera, her "client" knows he is doomed. Montana ranks last for justice, incompetence is ok. As long as they all support each other in it.

A Public Defender Commissioner resigned: Chief Hood is holding up the progess of the Montana Office of Public Defender. Read his resignation letter here:

The US Department of Justice ranked Montana last in 2007. Montana Law school is ranked 172/200 American Bar Association (ABA) law schools.
[The University of Montana Law insider]

The Montana Law School
Missoula Montana

[where public "Pretenders" come from]

Montana Public Defenders have no criteria for hires except a juris doctor [most come from Univerisity of Montana law school]. Montana citizens get the shaft as prosecutors and judges work hand and hand to deny justice at the expense of Montana Public Defenders and the public.

Its Montana's new mining operation: extract resources from its people. Montana Public Defenders can look the other way for $54,000/year plus benefits. The stress/ulcers will take care of themselves.

The stress and ulcers come from the truth:
Montana has no rights.

"forgetta 'bout it"

David Stenerson sent paperwork to the wrong court to a RETIRED city attorney. Your Montana taxpayer money at work. The Montana Public Defender system is so bad that no one knows how to improve it---even Chief Randi Hood ignored a written complaint for a year. We had asked then for her resignation. Since then Randi Hood's son reportedly works for the Montana Public Defenders.
{our 2010 Hood Resignation request is on Pg. 41 of a Justice archive "Bitterroot Rising" found at:}

 Note: when a prosecutor orders a site down, then desstoys a link to an archive.....

Note: if the Montana Public Defender fax is "down", Administration does not want your complaint.

Montana kicks out MDOT head Jim Lynch for nepotism, but it is ok for the Montana Public Defenders. Reason: Oil Money via oversized loads are now rolling through Montana.
Thanks Governor Schweitzer (demanding resignation has political perks).

A Washington DC group found conflicts of interest; not Randi Hoods oedipal hire, nor Dave Stenerson's assistant "all in the family" but rather the practice of pitting one defendant against another by the same Montana Public Defender office during a murder trial.

The Montana Public Defenders office and Chief Montana Public Defender Randi Hood are like a negligent car crash: just keep going and maybe no one will notice. We noticed. We are blowing the whistle on the abuse of public funds, and the inept public defense which keeps justice from Montana.

The Montana ACLU says they will sue again (they started the organization via lawsuit) to improve the Montana Public Defenders. Personally, no improvement needed: GUT IT.