Friday, September 30, 2011

Nancy Jacobs and Mark Sandercott and Mark Sandercott MN Googled from Saint Paul, Minnesota Comcast Server. Tii Gavo Community, Big Marine Lake Development LLC, Wilderness Ranch LLC, Superior Land Preservation L.L.C, Sundance Family Foundation

Nancy Jacobs and Mark Sandercott and Mark Sandercott MN Googled from Saint Paul, Minnesota Comcast Server.  Not sure if this is Nancy Jacobs or Mark Sandercott.  Thing is Mark Sandercott says that I can't control the search engines being a dumb, naive woman and all.  So to show Mr. Pompous Ass Mark Sandercott that I am not only SMARTER THEN HE IS, but that I indeed can do what I told him for over a year I could do and he seemed to agree for awhile, he even told me to my face that he bought as I suggest he do for over a year... turns out ANOTHER lie by the Pompous Ass Mark Sandercott.

So now I shall Dominate the Search Engine for ALL terms I can think of related to Pompous Ass Mark Sandercott such as Mark SandercottTii Gavo CommunityBig Marine Lake Development LLCWilderness Ranch LLCSuperior Land Preservation L.L.CSundance Family Foundation, Richard E. Jacobs, Mark Sandercott Wilderness Ranch and all related search terms.

Is what I Post on Mark Sandercott Truth or Defamation ?

Well Rumor has it that Mark Sandercott has or will soon file a Lawsuit against me out of Minnesota, so we shall find out.  Thing is regarding me and Mark Sandercott, yes it's a personal and very private grudge displayed publicly to show Mr. Male Chauvinist Pig Mark Sandercott a Lesson in a Woman's Rights, Women's Smarts, Equal Rights, Respecting Woman, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Placement, and to Show that Mr. Muckety Muck Mark Sandercott is NOT above the Laws the rest of us have to abide by and Mr. Mark Sandercott is not NOR will EVER be Smarter then me, as Mark Sandercott says Woman are Simply NOT Smarter then Men, and that Women are just too darn naive. oh and love this one, "why would a boy need his mother?" - see Pompous Ass Mark Sandercott gets to raise the "boy" now that he is a teen, cuz um why would he need his mother? (lot's more on that coming soon)

So not sure if Minnesota Tycoon Mark Sandercott will be suing me or not, I sure hope his attorneys have looked at the cases of those who have so far sued me and oh there is the fact that I have Lost everything and have no money and this in part to do with Mr. Fancy Pants, Throw Money Around Mark Sandercott ( more on that Mark Sandercott story later).

I OWN the Search Term Mark Sandercott and I Always WILL, Sue Me if you Like.  I Still WILL Dominate the Search for Mark Sandercott as Mark Sandercott says I can't do it.. being a Woman and so Darn Naive and all ... So I am Proving a POINT.  I Do Regret that Nancy Jacobs is Drug into Mark Sandercott's dirty deeds and bad behavior.  Nothing I can do about that, she is simply Collateral Damage and its Mark Sandercott's fault and not mine, though I am sure most will disagree with that because they were not on the 2 years of phone calls between Mark Sandercott and I and they were not with Mark Sandercott in our time ALONE at the Willderness Ranch LLC in Eureka California.   So the TRUTH about Mark Sandercott will continue to role out no matter who claims it to be NOT Truth..

Got a Tip on Mark Sandercott? email me at and remember what you Email me I will Post so be for warned. So when you defend Mark Sandercott and tell me where to go and how to get there due to YOU not knowing what really went on between us, well just know I post at my discretion.

Coming Soon lots More on Mark Sandercott and I do regret that his wife Nancy Jacobs is brought into Mark Sandercott 's games and using, disrespecting women as Nancy Jacobs is one smart lady, Nancy Jacobs is a very smart, and dedicated business woman, a Woman's Lib sort of gal that seems to be very modern in thinking and just an amazing woman from everything I have heard on her, though I heard this information in derogatory light from her husband Mark Sandercott, to me I do respect a woman such as her, however this is about what has personally happened to me, and she did do one very dumb thing in marrying a Male Chauvinist Pig, Cocaine Addict.. Perverted, Pompous, Arrogant ASS named Mark Sandercott.

Does Nancy Jacobs know about the 2.2 Million Dollar offer I brought Mark Sandercott on his Montana Ranch, long before he spent so much money in clean up and used me yet some more for FREE.  Rejected that offer now for sale for less.  Gee Greed Gets you No Where Doesn't It Mark Sandercott ???

Coming Soon Lots more about Mark Sandercott, too bad I was not recording his conversations and phone calls as I HAD considered him a Friend, until he ruined my 40th birthday, used me, put me down, lied to me, disrespected his wife and sister to me, and well some other things for a later post.

I proved to Mark Sandercott that his workers were lying to him and cheating him, and he believed them over me due to the ONE fact they had a Penis and well gee darn, I do not so certainly I am wrong, and the guy costing Nancy Jacobs and Mark Sandercott HUGE money and lying, cheating.. stealing the whole time .. well he is plain ol' RIGHT.

Mark Sandercott really is when away from The Wife... and I intend to talk about the Water Diversion at the Eureka California Ranch, the Tii Gavo Community and issues of water and permits that Mark Sandercott seemed to just do what he wanted and fight the system later that the other developers had to play in.. More coming soon on how Mark Sandercott did not want to be in the stock market, yet his wife did and it was dirty money to him, yet Mark Sandercott talked to much of all this integrity and do good.. yet lied to me on projects we were to do, and simply used me, talked down to me and made me jump through hoops for what ended up being NOT one Dollar and no Projects .. oh he did buy me a slice of pizza and beer for my 40th Birthday.. and then left me to find my own ride home.. Lots more on that Story too coming soon as well as my Trip to the Willderness Ranch LLC and what Mark Sandercott is really up to there... and how Mark Sandercott talked about his sister and his wife, and other "tidbits" of that trip.

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