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Joseph Leccese, Proskauer Rose knows full well of major liability over iViewit Scandal. Joseph Leccese chooses to harass blogger as Solution to dealing with Corrupt Proskauer Rose Attorneys.

Twelve Trillion Dollar, Federal RICO Lawsuit - Iviewit Stolen Patent Case. 
Proskauer Rose Ethics Complaint

The Florida Justice System is About as Corrupt as It Gets and the US Department of Justice, the USPTO, the SEC, the FBI, The Florida State Bar, the Florida Supreme Court and all the Corruption out of the New York Supreme Court that is protecting Proskauer Rose in all this.. well it all adds up to THERE is no Justice, and it DOES not matter how much evidence you have, the Corruption is so Thick and there is so many attorneys and judges covering up for those breaking the law and violating your rights that you don't stand a chance.

the Following is From www.Iviewit.TV and well it is some pretty sick stuff, it leaves me hopeless as to the United States Justice System doing anything but making the Rich RICHER and covering for the Criminals...

"The Cover-Up Crimes

The Twelve Trillion Dollar, Federal RICO Lawsuit “Legally Related” by Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin to the Whistleblower Anderson Lawsuit, exposes the original violations of federal, state, and international law committed to steal the technologies and additionally exposes a series of ongoing and continuous Cover-Up Crimes.

Cover-up Crimes designed to block due process through violations of Judicial Cannons, Attorney Conduct Codes, Public Office Rules and Regulations and Law, through Conflicts of Interest that act to Obstruct Justice, similar to that claimed by Anderson and committed by the many of the same Public Officials of the New York Supreme Court that Anderson fingers.

Wherever Iviewit and I filed complaints at the State Bars or disciplinary agencies under State Supreme Court aegis’ in New York, Florida and Virginia, each was later found to have MAJOR CONFLICTS OF INTEREST THROUGH VIOLATIONS OF JUDICIAL CANNONS, ATTORNEY CONDUCT CODES, PUBLIC OFFICE RULES AND REGULATIONS AND LAW, CREATING THE APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY BY PUBLIC OFFICIALS.

Mind blowing conflicts, so outrageous as to find Steven C. Krane, former President of the New York Bar Association, Official at the First Department DDC and one, if not thee, leading ethics lawyer in New York and Nationally, found representing complaints against his Proskauer Partners and Himself in First Department complaints, while having an Official Role at the First Department DDC where the complaints were being investigated. How unethical but true and we will return to this matter further in a moment.

Fraudulent Patent applications and Patents fraudulently issued into the names of others are crimes directly against the United States and Foreign Agencies as there are sworn oaths on the US Patent Office applications by the inventors, so filing fraudulent patents in others names is a Fraud Directly Upon the United States Patent Office and Worldwide Patent Authorities.

Crimes committed by the attorneys directly against government agencies and in violation of Federal Patent Bar Rules, State Attorney Conduct Codes and Law.

The crimes also involve not only the creation of fraudulent shell patent filings but fraudulent shell companies for the fraudulent patents to walk out the back door in, all formed by Proskauer and others not properly authorized to create such similarly named entities by the Board of Directors, Investors or management.

All these corporate crimes were violations of hosts of state and federal securities regulations and state incorporation laws, more crimes of fraud against government agencies, again committed in violation of Attorney Conduct Codes and Law.

Further, the scheme involved a false and fraudulent Billing fraud using a Florida Civil Court ( ruled by recently elected Florida Supreme Court Judge Jorge Labarga and a Defendant in the Iviewit Lawsuit ), which was filed by Proskauer Rose to the tune of $500,000 plus in Wrongful Fraudulent bills, bills designed to create false debt to the fraudulent companies they created, which contained the fraudulent patent filings.

Using this complex legal scheme which is a Fraud on a Federal Bankruptcy Court, the fraudulent companies were then to be bankrupted, after being sued for the fraudulent bills whereby the law firm and lawyers would become the largest creditors in the bankruptcy and seize the fraudulent patents hidden inside the fraudulent companies.

A plan that went extremely wrong when Arthur Andersen and others discovered that there were possible crimes being committed and fraudulent companies created and that this false information was being distributed to investors including, Wayne Huizenga, Ellen DeGeneres, Alanis Morissette, Crossbow Ventures and the Small Business Administration.

The SBA through Crossbow’s SBA loans which were two thirds of the money Crossbow invested makes the US Government one of the most aggrieved investors in Iviewit.

The Proskauer Rose Fraudulent Billing Scheme popped up on the horizon at or around the same time the Iviewit companies were in process to close the $25 Million Private Placement financing deal with Wachovia Securities.

No one other than the conspirators of the RICO crimes knew about these illegal legal actions.

The Involuntary Bankruptcy was another legal scheme involving this time, Fraud on a Federal Bankruptcy Court, orchestrated by Proskauer Rose referred management Brian Utley and Michael Reale both formerly with IBM and Real 3D Inc. ( Intel, SGI and Lockheed ) on a fraudulent company with fraudulent inventions inside it.

On or about this time, Intel, a minority 20% owner of Real 3D, suddenly bought Real 3D from Lockheed the 70% owner and SGI, a 10% owner, in a publicly undisclosed transaction, taking with it the Iviewit inventions which now are alleged to be on almost EVERY chip manufactured since 1998.

Through the bankruptcy the underlying IP for the inventions would have become owned by the largest creditors to the fraudulent companies, Proskauer Rose and Real 3D.

Again, neither of these illegal legal actions constituting frauds on the courts, the Fraud on the Florida State Court in The Proskauer Fraudulent Billing Lawsuit or the Fraud on the Federal Bankruptcy Court via the illegal Involuntary Bankruptcy were disclosed to Wachovia, Investors, Auditors, Investment Bankers, Shareholders or Management by Proskauer or Foley.

At first, upon learning of the billing lawsuit and Involuntary Bankruptcy, it was unclear why these ILLEGAL legal actions existed and what the motive was, still much of the conspiracy remains unknown but at that time very little was known.

Only later, while investigating the falsified patent applications with the US Patent Office was it discovered that there were fraudulent patents inside the fraudulent similarly named companies involved in the IB, a company that Proskauer created, then sued and then with their referred co-conspirators filed the Involuntary Bankruptcy against.

Companies created without authorization of Shareholders, the Board of Directors or the Investors, and, where the real owners of the fraudulent companies are still unknown and subject of ongoing investigations and calls for Acts of Congress from the US Patent Office to get information regarding the inventions that were involved in the illegal legal schemes and frauds on the courts.

Upon learning of the corporate crimes from Arthur Andersen and much of the information regarding the fraudulent legal schemes by AOLTW / Warner Bros. who were doing due diligence for the Wachovia PPM when they discovered the undisclosed actions, including information that patents filed at the USPTO were not those being given to prospective investors and more.

Immediately, Iviewit retained counsel to investigate if the Billing Lawsuit, the Involuntary Bankruptcy and the thefts of the IP were realities.

Counsel retained by Iviewit found that indeed there were these illegal legal actions and frauds and that the Board of Directors, Management, Investors, Investment Bankers had no knowledge and in fact were distributing the Wachovia PPM which neither mentions the Lawsuit, the Utley IP and other fraudulent IP or the Involuntary Bankruptcy.

Iviewit threw out counsel that was representing the matters without authorization or retainers from the Iviewit companies and that time it was still unknown these companies were fraudulent, as they were similarly and identically named to the legitimate companies and Iviewit counsel began representing the matters instantly.

The Involuntary Bankruptcy found that Brian Utley, Reale and Real 3d all had no employment contract or ANY binding agreement with the Iviewit company they filed against and that matter instantly went away, as soon as, it was discovered.

On the Fraudulent Billing Lawsuit, well Proskauer Rose was not so lucky, counsel retained filed a Counter Complaint exposing the basics of the fraud known at the time, I submit this Counter Complaint to this Committee for review, as it too is subject to ongoing federal investigations11.

Again, in this fraud, Proskauer Rose was found suing companies they had no retainers with and the bills were not even in the companies sued names but the judge, Jorge Labarga, refused to even acknowledge the Counter Complaint, filed by Competent Counsel, alleging that the lawyers in the Fraudulent Billing Lawsuit perhaps were involved in crimes against the United States and Foreign Nations.

Jorge Labarga refusing the Counter Complaint and then illegally throwing the Lawsuit out but ruling a default judgment against Iviewit for the entire amount of the fraudulent bill, for failure to retain replacement counsel. It should be noted that Labarga on the eve of trial, cancelled the trial with no notice to Iviewit who showed up with two law firms representing their interests.

At the rescheduling hearing, Jorge Labarga dismissed both of Iviewit’s counsel and forced Iviewit to get new counsel for this most complex case in just a few days.

In fact, I submit to this Committee evidence that Jorge Labarga was aware of Kenneth Rubenstein, Christopher C. Wheeler, William Dick and Brian Utley’s perjurious statements made to his court, under deposition and in response to Bar Complaints, whereby perjured statements were proven prior to his throwing the case.

In one instance, Iviewit Patent Counsel Kenneth Rubenstein makes representation that he is being harassed to come to deposition in the matter as he knows nothing about Iviewit or the Iviewit inventions and inventors and refused to be deposed.

Jorge Labarga had no legal basis to block the deposition so he ordered Rubenstein to deposition, where it became apparent that Kenneth Rubenstein had LIED and PERJURED HIMSELF to the Court and knew far more about Iviewit than his sworn statements12.

Despite this damning and irrefutable evidence of Perjury to his court, Jorge Labarga ruled against Iviewit and buried the case for an undisclosed amount.

Again, information relevant to the case fraud has been submitted to Federal and State authorities.

Who owns all these fraudulent companies remains under investigation and all relevant information pertaining to these crimes have also been submitted to Federal and State Authorities and evidence, witness statements, copies of the fraudulent IP and much more are available in the Evidence Section of the Iviewit Homepage with over 1000 exhibits and hereby incorporated by reference in entirety herein for this Committee.

Crimes that if prosecuted would have taken down these powerful law firms overnight and put many of the perpetrators behind bars for more years than Madoff, as these crimes involved crimes directly against Federal, State and International Government Agencies, not merely Iviewit.

As soon as order is restored to the courts handling these matters in conflict and the corruption plaguing the New York Court system as further supported by Anderson regarding these matters is exterminated, these criminals cloaked as law firms and lawyers will be behind bars for eternity with loss of the entire partnerships assets in a successful RICO prosecution.

Knowing that it was all or nothing for the powerful law firms, they had to block due process at every venue at the highest levels, as if any of the complaints, court proceedings or investigations elevated the Billions of Dollars of revenue these firms generate would be gone and legal robes exchanged for prison garb.

Herein lies the motive for the Cover-Up Crimes and Mass of Conflicts of Interest and Violations of virtually all Attorney Conduct Codes, Judicial Cannons, Public Office Violations and Law that have infected these matters at present.

So thick are the Conflicts that not one person out of all of the courts, disciplinary agencies, law enforcement agencies, even this Committee have signed the requested Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms provided prior to taking action in the matters.

I have provided a Conflict form for the Committee submitted with my Prepared Statement for the June 08, 2009 hearing that did not happen and again have submitted one accompanying this Prepared Statement for my testimony today, again I respectfully demand signing of this COI before the Committee takes action in anyway that may have any impact good or bad on my case.
New York Ethics Complaints Filed in 2003 and Dismissed Without Investigation; The Commissioner of Patents for the US Patent Office and Harry I. Moatz, Director of OED of the US Patent Office lead Federal Investigation of Same Attorneys State Bars and Disciplinary Agencies Dismissed without Investigation; West Palm Beach FBI Joins Patent Fraud Investigation Regarding Fraud Directly Upon the USPTO.

I filed complaints of professional misconduct instantly against Proskauer RoseKenneth Rubenstein, Christopher Wheeler, Meltzer, Raymond Joao, Foley and William Dick and continuously since 2003 alleged a host of professional misconduct, adding new Defendants in my lawsuit who became involved in the Cover-Up Crimes such as Krane, Cahill, the First Department and more.

Copies of the complaints can be found on the homepage or in the written Prepared Statement submitted herein to the Committee and in the Exhibit Section at the end of the document and for inclusion into this Committees permanent record, as promised by members of this Committee in accepting this statement.

I also note for this Committee that I fully reported the Iviewit Frauds on the courts committed by those adjudicating the matters in conflicts in both the courts and state disciplinary agencies, to the West Palm Beach FBI office.

Special Agent Stephen Lucchesi of that office was already investigating the Iviewit companies’ allegations of Frauds, Fraud on the USPTO, Intellectual Property Theft, Death Threats and the Attempted Murder by Car Bombing of my Family Mini-Van in Boynton Beach, Florida.

According to the FBI, later, Lucchesi and the Iviewit files went, and remain missing at this time, although upon last speaking to Lucchesi, he was on his way to the US Patent Office to begin investigating the Fraud on the US Patent Office with investigators at the US Patent Office.

Moatz confirmed that Lucchesi was in fact working with the US Patent Office regarding the Frauds on the USPTO.

The reporting of these public office crimes to the FBI and the missing investigator, led the FBI West Palm Beach Office to direct me to speak only with the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility ( OPR ) the department responsible for handling misconduct complaints against DOJ &; US attorneys. When OPR refused to speak with me, claiming they could not speak with private citizens, Inspector General of the DOJ, Glenn Fine’s Office interceded and the matters where then directed to Alberto Gonzales, then to Michael Mukasey both of them who failed to respond to formal written complaints prior to them fleeing or being forced out of office.

The matters have now been forwarded on to US Attorney General, Eric Holder, Jr. and while we await response from Holder at this time, we have not had a response yet.

Perhaps he is busy investigating the crimes of lawyers for war crimes or the crimes of lawyers in politicizing the DOJ, or the torture memo lawyers who violated international torture treatises and more or perhaps he is busy investigating the lawyers behind the financial market meltdown who have destroyed our economy for the benefit of a few, mostly criminals disguised as lawyers.

A Copy of the Letter to President Barack Obama and Holder can found on the Iviewit Homepage or @

Ultimately, Iviewit filed a Complaint of Professional Misconduct against NYS First Dept Disciplinary Committee Chief Counsel Cahill, when it was learned that Cahill had allowed Steven C. Krane of Proskauer, an active Official of the First Department to handle complaints against Proskauer Rose and Proskauer Partner Kenneth Rubenstein and ultimately himself, Iviewit filed further complaints for Violations of Public Office, Violations of Attorney Conduct Codes and Violations of Law against all of them.

Yes, Steven C Krane represented the complaints filed against his firm, partners and himself, all the while concealing multiple conflicts of interest and violations of public offices at the First Department which excluded from such twisted representation.

In Florida at the State Bar we find similarly
Proskauer partner Matthew Triggs

While Krane was handling the complaints he was a member of the First Department and kept this Conflict undisclosed while he levied responses on behalf of his clients Proskauer Rose and Kenneth Rubenstein that were attempts to smear the Iviewit companies and myself, claiming Iviewit was a failed dot com and that Kenneth Rubenstein never heard of Iviewit and that Proskauer knew nothing about the patents, all while failing to disclose his First Department Roles and CONFLICT.

Krane, also in his role at the time as immediate past PRESIDENT of the NYSBA had public office rules barring his handling of disciplinary complaints for a period of one year after his service.

His representations of his firm and Proskauer Rose falling within that blackout and Krane again fails to disclose this Public Office Rule and Regulation that prevented his representation.

It is interesting to note that without knowing of the concealed conflicts and violations of public offices at the time, how the complaints within the First Department, despite the overwhelming evidence presented to the State Bar and Disciplinary Committees and despite the fact that the Federal Patent Bar, USPTO, USPTO OED and FBI were investigating them, how the state complaints had been “Stalled” Indefinitely. It was not until discovering the conflicts that it became overwhelming apparent.

Iviewit has found Proskauer or Foley in every instance where there was dismissal with no investigation by a State Bar or Disciplinary, much later into the investigations, the Conflicts of Interest and Violations of Public Offices that acted as the glue that bound the Cover-Up causing the delays and dismissals without investigation, even as the First Department Court Unanimously Ordered Krane and the others for formal and procedural “INVESTIGATIONS” based on the Krane and Cahill conflict information.

It was only recently exposed in July 2007 that the underlying "Patentgate" inquiries were effectively buried, or derailed, under the leadership of Manhattan's top State ethics Chief Counsel, Thomas J. Cahill, Esq. Cahill's "retirement" was then quickly announced after his own ethical failings in the Patentgate matter and other unfolding scandal as Anderson began surfacing with Whistleblower allegations, along with other ethics complaints that were made, became known.

Then the Whistleblower Anderson came along to confirm ones worst nightmares about the Disciplinary Committees and Courts of New York. It should be noted that Cahill was later deposed in Anderson. From an article in Expose Corrupt Courts, I quote,

July 16 2007 DOJ Widens Patentgate Inquiry:

In a letter dated July 16, 2007, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Professional Responsibility, announced from its Washington, D.C. headquarters that it was expanding its investigation into a bizarrely stalled FBI investigation that involves an almost surreal story of the theft of nearly 30 U.S. Patents, and other intellectual property, worth billions of dollars.

The probe reaches some of New York's most prominent politicians and judges, and has already proven to be a stunning embarrassment to the State's ethics watchdog committees.

The Fox and the Hen HouseIt was only recently exposed in July that the underlying “Patentgate” inquiries were effectively buried, or derailed, under the leadership of Manhattan’s top State ethics Chief Counsel, Thomas J. Cahill, Esq. Mr. Cahill’s “retirement” was then quickly announced after his own ethical failings in the Patentgate matter, along with other ethics complaints that were made, became known.

While no one can exactly figure out how inquiries under Mr. Cahill’s charge went so awry, one thing is certain. At the same time the Patentgate probes were being secreted by state officials in New York, the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent bar increased their own investigation into the same matter implicating the same attorneys. (Note: Mr. Cahill’s replacement was recently decided, and an announcement is expected as early as next week by the Appellate Division, First Department Presiding Justice, Jonathan Lippman.)

The Damning Whistleblower Case of Christine C. Anderson –Allegations of Coercion, Assault, Title 18 and State Obstruction of Justice via Official Supreme Court Document Destruction Inside the First Department by Public Officials, for “Favored Law Firms”
Christine Anderson provides a pivotal link in her heroic Whistleblowing revelations that shed insight into the criminal behavior running rampant at the highest levels of the First Department, including Coercion, Obstruction, Tampering with Official Investigatory Files, Threatening Federal Witnesses, Document Destruction and Physical Assaults on a Whistleblower tying Iviewit to her own complaint.

Anderson’s original lawsuit filing discussed the impact of Iviewit on her situation relating to a Complaint filed against Cahill and others13, as part of her allegations. Anderson’s Original Complaint can be found at Iviewit Homepage, Evidence Link or @

Pages 24-25 contain references to the Iviewit Cahill, Krane et al. complaints.

Christine C. Anderson a former Staff Attorney at the First Dept filed WHISTLEBLOWER allegations in a Fed Whistleblower suit slated for trial Oct 13 in US District Court Southern District NY (USDC), Anderson v State of NY, 07cv09599.

Anderson’s suit adjudicated by Judge Shira Scheindlin contains allegations of retaliation against Anderson for termination from her job of 6 years, after Anderson exposed systemic Whitewashing & Obstruction inside the First Dept, claiming favoritism by the First Dept for favored law firms & attorneys.

I have attached in my Prepared Statement links to several news articles relating to Anderson.

Anderson’s suit set to bring volcanic like testimony involving Public Office corruption & testimony by officials of the NY State Unified Court system, including Court of Appeals Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, Presiding Judge at the First Dept during the firing of Anderson. Along with Lippman will be Defendants in Anderson, First Dept Supervisor Sherry Cohen, Former Chief Counsel Thomas J. Cahill, Hon John Buckley, David Spokony & Catherine O’Hagen Wolfe, Clerk @ US Second Circuit Court of Appeals (USCA), an initial Anderson defendant in her former job as Clerk for the First Dept, now witness in Anderson.

Anderson claims Physical Assault & Harassment by Cohen for her heroic WHISTLEBLOWING efforts, Anderson gave riveting testimony at the first of these hearings by the NY Senate Judiciary Committee headed by Hon. Senator John L. Sampson.

Anderson’s testimony found online and links again are provided in the written statement. Anderson’s testimony comes at 30min into the video found online at the NY State Senate Website or @
Prior to permitting Anderson to trial, Scheindlin marked 7 suits, including Iviewit’s Multi-Count Multi-Trillion Dollar suit legally “related” to Anderson.""
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