Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lee Enterprises Newspapers

Lee Needs VIAGRA

Since about May 2011, Lee Enterprises cant get it up.

Up to the minimum stock price of $1 per share. Even when Lee Enterprises claims to have a "debt deal" which costs them $27M more to operate a newspaper chain and no body's buying papers.

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When the Wall Street Journal and Seeking Alpha try to prop Lee Enterprises and STILL don't make it to the one dollar minimum. NYSE has warned Lee twice that they aren't getting it up.
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The victims of Lee Enterprises think they should try Levitra, Viagra, Ciallis, or Enron. Perhaps only then could Lee get it up. Doctors warn however that if Lee stays above $1 for more than four hours, they may have to seek more financial bailout from 150 prospective lenders.

Is there a three strikes rule for NYSE warnings? Lee has two already, and we think they should take some performance enhancing they can get their stock price up.

Go gettem' killers. We are Cheering for your failure....we want a front row seat.