Saturday, October 22, 2011


Montana Dept. of Corrections

Mike Ferriter is in charge of the Montana Department of Corrections, and is originally from Butte Montana. The State of Montana is ranked last in the USA for justice, due to inactivity of Mike Ferriter to do anything about it.

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Mike Ferriter of the Montana Department of Corrections

Mike Ferriter allowed felons to hunt in Montana in 2006, which was just a "concern" for Ron Alsbury the Probation and Parole Director under Ferriter although 660 cases of felons with hunting licences were discovered. Read the story in the Los Angeles Times for the felons with hunting permit story:

A prison inmate was recently killed under the watchful eye of Mike Ferriter of the Montana Department of Corrections. Ferriter named a new chief warden, and was awarded a national award for violating an inmates right to life (Amendment 5). The award came from the Pacific Institute, staff Christy Watson from the Seattle, WA based institute did not return a phone call prior to publication. Here is the press release from the Montana Department of Corrections about the "award".

Mike Ferriter does not get an award for allowing misconduct, criminal activity, violation of ethical standards, mission of the Montana Department of Corrections by a supervisor by the name of Kristina Bessenyey of Hamilton Montana. Ron Alsbury, Director of Probation is a family friend of Bessenyey and allowed the misconduct in the past 12 months in Montana.

Here is a 30 sec video which shows unlawful entry, manipulation of local law enforcement to violate laws and constitutional rights. Mike Ferriter is in charge of the Montana Department of Corrections.

[Probation, Resonable suspicion, Entertainment value]

Notice the file in Bessenyey's hand at 2-5 sec.
Chief Ryan Oster, Detective Murphy Hamilton Montana Police


the policy to enter a home includes reasonale suspicion of a law or probation violation [P&P 60-1(A)].
Nothing was shown to the probationer although a request was made.

Mike Ferriter, as director of the Montana Department of Corrections is attempting to cover up this fiasco. Bessenyey violated Montana Probation and Parole 30-1 [post sentence investigations] a court order in the fall of 2010, and has now violated Montana Probation and Parole 60-1(A) for entry into a residence without reasonable suspicion, not to mention the 4th, 14th Amendment to the US Constitution as required in the employment documents to be a probation officer in Montana.

Mike Ferriter's staff heard plenty about Kristina Bessenyey prior to the October 4, 2011 unlawful entry into a probationer's home. Ron Alsbury, Probation and Parole Director, the same guy who allowed 660 felons to have hunting licenses, allowed a free pass on Krisitina Bessenyey. It was easier for Alsbury due to him being family friends with Kristina Bessenyey, and allowing her to trash talk subordinates, and eliminate the receptionist who filed an Equal Opportunity complaint against Bessenyey.

In 2005 the justice system in Ravalli Co. Montana where Bessenyey is probation supervisor saw 4 suicide deaths from excessive bail (8th Amendment) and encouragement of suicide by the now police chief Ryan Oster of Hamilton Montana in the cell block. Mike Ferriter has a lot to answer for in Montana. First is its last place for justice, second is Alsbury, third is Bessenyey in Hamilton MT.

Kristina Bessenyey leaves after unlawful visit Oct. 4, 2011
she is a 8 year veteran of the MT DOC.
supervisor in Hamilton, Montana
Kristina Bessenyey's get away vehicle and accomplice MT DOC
Mike Ferriter must stop the abuse of his policies in Montana.

The abuse of Americans by the Montana State Government must end. Mike Ferriter as Director of the Department of Corrections has a comfortable salary, and allows misconduct up to the level of his Probation Director, Ron Alsbury. All are culpable here as problems, violations of policy, and national stories of misconduct, dereliction, and downright abuse of the American citizens in their charge play out in the Montana Department of Corrections.  Whats worse is the disabled status of the probationer who endured unlawful entry and violation of rights.  It takes a special person like Kristina Bessenyey to pull something like that off, unless your Department of Corrections gives you a free pass.

Ferriter's staff is impossible to reach, and impossible to get anything done, or message through. It is hoped this story in the Northwest Tribune, and elsewhere will get to Mike Ferriters desk. It is time to stop covering for Kristina Bessenyey, and start making Montana better than last for justice in the USA. Ridding abusers of MT DOC staff and probation officers like Bessenyey and the people that protected her [Region 1 director Missoula, Alsbury] is a good start