Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Notify Oakland PD

The City of Oakland decided to use assets like riot gear, motor cops, sound cannon, tear gas to "disperse an unlawful assembly".  The problem is a decision by the US Supreme Court in 1939 which decided that all activities in a public park is peaceful assembly {Hague v. CIO 307 US 496 (1939)}

Public discussion, discourse is free speech which goes hand and hand with peaceful assembly.
It is the First Amendment FUNDAMENTAL right.

mother liberty weeps as Occupiers are deprived peaceful assembly.

Contact Information Oakland Police Department:

Jean Quin, Mayor
(510) 238-3141

Police Department
(510) 777-3333

Chief Christoper Bolton
(510) 238-3131

Police Department Chief of Staff
(510) 238-2251 fax

Media Relations Johnna Watson
(510) 238-7230
(510) 238-6847 fax

Perhaps these police officers and administration in Oakland need to understand who pays their salaries.  What goes through their minds as they raise their hands and swear an oath to the US constitution?  Blind obedience does not serve the people.

Oakland Police need to understand that we all operate under the same flag, the same laws in the USA.