Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Safeway Shame

Who puts 2-3 YEAR OLD Children in protective custody......
 as the parents forgot to pay for two $5 sandwiches?

Steven A. Burd, Safeway CEO           

Safeway Corporate Office | Headquarters5918 Stoneridge Mall Road Pleasanton, CA 94588

ask for Steven A. Burd, SAFEWAY CEO who made $9,904,355 in 2010.

Safeway needs a lesson on how to treat people.  The Leszcyynksi's didnt need to be separated from their daughter due to forgetting to buy sandwiches after they were in a Hawaii Store.

Corporations are not better than people, in fact by Safeway's actions, worse.  The PR nightmare will include a drop in profits Mr. Burd, or should we say turd in our opinion.

Turds detain people for 4 hours and then take away their kids.  Have you heard of Occupy America?  This only shows that corporations need a bitchslapping.  That will come with a personal boycott of food products, and a request for people to curtail their shopping habits at Safeway stores.

I use your pharmacy due to excellent service from a pharmacist Safeway does not deserve.  I joked about a remodel next to his department: he and I joked that he might as well move into the store he is there so many hours.  If it werent for his good service, I would be GONE completely from your stores.

Mr Burd, treat pepole, who give to your corporation with respect.  Retire, and forgo the $10M salary.
Shame on Safeway.  Treat people like this, and profit share will deline.