Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eliot Bernstein Iviewit Testimony New York Senate Judiciary regarding the iViewit Case and the stall in the US Courts and USPTO for over a Decade

The biggest story I have written on for years is the iViewit Story.  This affects you all.

The Ivieiwit Inventors  invented what we all know to be "Video", and they were never given ANY rights to the technology they invented.  There are over a 1000 documents online of proof, and the US Court System, USPT, Supreme Court, Department of Justice, SEC and more governing agents continue to stall their JUSTICE.  It has been over a decade.

Please Help me Get Justice for the iViewit Inventors and Spread this Story Near and Far, Please Feel Free to Repost anything from my Blogs on iViewit and help me protect the rights of technology inventors and the constitutional rights of us all.

A Bit on the Iviewit Technology Story.

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My Blogs on the Involvement of Foley and Lardner Law Firm in the iViewit Stolen Technology.  Keep in Mind Michael Grebe, who groomed Scott Walker and of the Bradley Foundation was the head of Foley and Lardner at the Time and He as said to be Obama's boss while Obama was at Foley and Lardner.

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A Few Video Links

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Reporting on iViewit for nearly 3 years now.

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