Saturday, January 28, 2012

Federal Rico Complaint - IViewit, Proskauer Rose, Foley Lardner, The Florida Bar, Supreme Court of New York and More Protected by Judicial System, Demand to Know Why?

Hey Washington D.C., Psinet (  - I See you Investigating my Every Blog Post, Every Person, Every Document, Every Story - are you going to Do Something about the mass amount of proof and documents that Expose Corruption in the U.S. Courts, Over the Iviewit Technology Case and in the Bankruptcy Courts.  I Sure Hope that is Why your Investigating all my Blogs so deeply.

Click Below for Rico Complaint Naming Proskauer Rose, Foley and Lardner, The Florida Supreme Court, Florida Bar, New York Courts, Intel Corp., Lockheed Martin, Silicon Graphics, Real 3D Inc., Wildman Harrold Allen and Dixen, Eric Chen, Digital Interactive Streams Inc., Kenneth Rubenstein Proskauer, and tons more.. Filed by Eliot I. Bernstein, Iviewit Technologies.