Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kim Dotcom, Mega Upload, Warner Bros. Steals iViewit Inventions, Uses for Over a Decade for FREE and has the Nerve to Complain about Kim Dotcom of MegaUpload? Kim Schmitz, King Kimble.

Warner Bros. Has Violated a Non-Compete and Signed Agreements for Over a Decade, that Warner Bros. TWX had with the Iviewit Technology Inventors.

Warner Bros., TWX has used this video technology all this time and was to pay iViewit Technology per minute, that is worth Billions and the Warner Bros. TWX shareholders have not been warned. Ernst and Young Knows, the SEC knows, the Dept. of Justice knows, the FBI knows and over a decade of liability has built up and still Warner Bros. is above the law, yet the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA), Motion Picture Industry Lobbyists and Warner Bros. Complain about Kim Dotcom (Kim Schmitz,King Kimble) infringing on their sacred right to sell us all videos technology that they STOLE from iViewit and for some reason the DOJ, FBI, SEC, and international police jump to it and there you have it, an arrest of MegaUpload's Kim Dotcom (Kim Schmitz,King Kimble) is made and justice is served. What? Really, this is justice?  Warner Bros. STOLE the Technology in the first place and used it over a decade for FREE.

Here is the Warner Bros. Contract

Here is the SEC Complaint Naming Warner Bros. and the Motion Picture Association for crimes, conspiracy and cover up with Proskauer Rose Law Firm, MPEG LA, Kenneth Rubenstein and others in the Stealing of the IViewit Technology.

Here is the iViewit Technologies RICO Complaint naming Warner Bros. - Felony Rico Crimes Warner Bros. conspiring to cover up 13 Trillion Dollar Technology Theft 

Andrew Cuomo, former New York Attorney General Now New York Governor, Criminal Complaint Naming Warner Bros.

Time Warner, Warner Bros. Covering Up Major Shareholder Fraud in IViewit Technology Theft

Open Letter to Time Warner Shareholders

Eliot Bernstein Iviewit Testimony

More on the Iviewit Technology Scandal

Letter to GS regarding Warner Bros. Technological Calls to Iviewit Investors by Warner Bros. employees, describing the efficacy of the Inventions and the results of the review by Warner Bros., including the anticipated uses by Warner Bros et al. 

Doug Chey

Curtis Lu, Lightsquared - then Time Warner General Counsel

MPEG LA involved in iViewit Technology Theft

Intel Corp Involved