Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Your Tax Dollars Pays the FDA to Keep you from Known Cures and to Terrorize, Arrest those who are really able to heal you. STOP the FDA Tyranny. Demand that the FDA Not be Above the Law and the FDA

You Stand in CHOICE FOLKS !!
As you read this article below let me remind you to copy the article to a hard drive, print it out, as these articles change and disappear.

I am not a Doctor, thank goddess, I am a researcher, 20 years and counting research Alternative Medicine, and it is VERY real.. Cancer Doctors LIE, they have to in order to survive.  NO More, tell your Doctor to tell you the Truth.  I heard a Cancer Doctor tell a loved one flat out that Diet in no way is a cancer cure and there was no reason to change their diet. She recommended immediate chemo, radiation, breast removal.. that loved one refused - went alkaline and other "Solutions" and is cancer Free.... I am VERY Passionate about this Topic and Encourage you all To Speak Up, you know cancer is curable.

"Tyranny in the USA: The true history of FDA raids on healers, vitamin shops and supplement companies

"1987: The Life Extension Raids"

"1990 - The El Cajon pet food store raid"

"1990 - The Highland Laboratories raid"

"1990: The Century Clinic "chelation" raids"

"1991: The Tijuana cancer clinic kidnapping"

"1992 - Raid on Nature's Way"

"1992 - The Tahoma Clinic FDA Raid"

"1992: The Texas vitamin store raids"

"1993: The health food store raids"

"The 1963 Church of Scientology raid"

Source of Above Quotes and Full Article

End the FDA Reign of Terror.  Our ancestors, the Native Americans, the Spanish, the Hawaiins, the "Witches", the Shamans, the Healers, the Herbalists, the Grandmothers, the Gardners, the Monks, the Christians, the Mormons, the Baptists, the "Wise Ones" and countless more have been healing disease since the begging of time. The Keepers of Tradition if you will, and the FDA super power was never needed, only earth, water, pure seed, that will heal us.  Food will heal us and the FDA wants to alter food to take nutrients out so they can sell it back to in Vitamins that only they give you "permission to take.

Cures are not Faith Based, they are Fact Based.

The above article was 2007, there have been many more then this.  And the recent Marijuana Raids have the FDA super power behind them, as soon as they get it patented, Marijuana in their way will be legal.  That is why one of the biggest Tobacco Companies, Reynolds and Company, has bought so much land in Humboldt County, Eureka California area.  Taking away the local economy and replacing it with corporate greed and engineered medicine. When the source, the rich, healthy organic plants without FDA and big corporation bull is what is most potent truly as medicine.

The FDA is on a banning rampage, banning vitamins, nutrient and minerals and lobbying to stop you from gardening. The FDA wants total control over what you eat, if you are healthy or not and who you pay to feel good. There has always been cures for cancer, and all disease really. Knowledge is Power, find the cures, they are out there and they are real, the FDA is a super power controlling your life, and quality of life. I say live free or die. Letting the FDA torture you with chemo, radiation, mutilation xxx

Ancient Texts have lots of information on healing yourself, with faith, prayer, herbs, food, plants, remedies and this is in every religion and walk of life.  Every race, creed, and level of so called "class".

Also with the above list don't forget Greg Canton

I tell you what, I Crystal L. Cox investigative blogger have met many people CURED of cancer by black salve, and in that story the FDA officers that had him arrested were said to have quit soon after and went to Ecuador to open shop for themselves. As Cancer Salves work, and are cheap as dirt to make..  ..

Also there was FDA, and Government Corruption that shut down Harry Hoxsey, Rene' Caisse, FDA agents raided the Burzynski Research Clinic (Texas) and many others who are and Can CURE Cancer and have for Decades. And they target websites they sell herbs, ointments and "things" that really do work to improve your life.

My Site on Cancer Solutions to Investigate, Believe No One.
Find your facts for yourself. With or without the Internet there is plenty
of TRUE information on Cancer Cures.  FIND IT.  Use It.

Cancer is Curable Now Movie ( and it has ALWAYS been Curable)

You are NOT a Product.  You are not the ECONOMY, you are an individual person with rights to cure yourself. It is your constitutional right, your god given right, your birthright globally no matter what faith to heal your body, to eat pure clean foods, drink pure free water, choose your "remedy" "cure" and "medicine".  They have made you the product, and disease the industry, SAY NO.  Cancer is Curable folks, all you have to do is read, study, learn, and act. Cure Yourself NOW. 

Cures are NOT Faith Based, they are Human Race Based. And yes I believe that Pray Cures and that there is indeed a great spirit, however your choice of faith also is yours personally and Cancer is Curable regardless of WHOM you Pray to. 

Filed a RICO Complaint Against the FDA, Email me where you file it and who IGNORES IT.

File a Whistleblower Lawsuit, go for 20% recovery of what the FDA has falsely taken from the government. (Qui Tam Lawsuit, False Claims Act, Anti-Trust, Sherman Act)

File criminal complaints against all involved, you don't need an attorney to do so.  Then send me a link of whom you filed the complaint with and what government agency ignored it.

Do Something.  Una Stamus.  United We Stand on the Things we have in Common such as Live and Let Live regardless of our personal choices and faith and the right to known cures, Free Energy, whole foods, gardens, loving who we choose, praying to whom we choose, and the right to simply truly be free.

Healers, Practitioners, Knowledge Keepers, Researchers, Start a Blog - Make Videos - Send Me a Link - Talk about it .. the TIME has COME to Expose the FDA.