Monday, March 30, 2015

7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton. Real Estate Buyers have a Legal Right to have FULL DISCLOSURE. Buyer Be AWARE.

Why Does Alan Rose Want to HIDE the TRUTH from the Buyers of this Property?

Why Does Judge Martin Colin Think it is ok to HIDE the Truth From Real Estate Consumers?

It is NOT ok for a Real Estate Broker, a Seller or a JUDGE to HIDE Known Facts about a Real Estate Transaction from a Real Estate Consumer. PERIOD.

Assets seem to have been stolen long ago. The property has been left to be run down. The courts simply do nothing to protect this asset and now a buyer is to get in the middle of this mess? I have been a real estate broker, owner of my own company for 15 year and a Real Estate Advocate for Real Estate Buyers. I would not go anywhere near this property until this estate is REALLY Legally Settled. Check out the transcript below as attorney Alan Rose whines and cries to PREVENT disclosure to the Real Estate Consumer.

Judge Martin Colin has no LEGAL Reason, as a matter of LAW to withhold to a real estate buyer that the property is in litigation, this is a violation of the BUYERS Rights, and against the LAW PERIOD.

John Poletto, a real estate broker in Florida seems to have no issue with hiding know facts from buyers. The law is that latent defects, lawsuits, and anything that can harm a buyer MUST be disclosed so why is the Florida Courts allowing this cover up that will cause BUYERS massive headache, stress and legal liability.

I am a Broker, a Real Estate Advocate, a Real Estate Whistleblower and I have owned my own real estate company for over 15 years. Check out the Transcript below as you see a JUDGE, and several attorneys seem to conspire to aid and abet a real estate sale and NOT disclose to BUYERS that they may spend years in litigation down the road after they have fixed up a place that Ted Bernstein let run down as a BAD PR for the property.

It is NOT ok for a JUDGE to want to hide this litigation from BUYERS. It is not lawful nor morally ethically for Judge Martin Colin to NOT want BUYERS to know when this affects their VERY life, the life of their children and their quality of life in EVERY WAY.


Really, Look Below, this document clearly shows this JUDGE ranting about YOU, the Real Estate Consumer NOT having a right to know what the Real Estate Seller and the Real Estate Broker KNOW and by law have to disclose. WOW.

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