Saturday, November 28, 2015

Church Powers, Control and the Fight to Keep you from Knowing who you are.

by Reverend Crystal Cox

What doctrine did the church use to control the people before Jesus died on the cross and they used his death to control people?

In whose name was Jesus’s Trial carried out?

Who was the power at the time? And what “people” gave these armies, the church, the taxing powers PERMISSION to persecute, prosecute and execute someone exposing corruption and empowering people?

And what does this Energy Loop have to do with right NOW?

It is time to change the tape, and to remove the hologram. It is time to let in the Truth into our mind, souls and human bodies and truly let the teaching of the man named Jesus Christ come into play on this planet, in this time.

Why did this power that persecuted, prosecuted and executed Jesus Christ later claim to be Christian, as if they followed his word, his teachings, or even his living example?

Was it to control you? Side with you? Manipulate your thoughts so that you were confused as to what being Christ like, Christian, real was?

Why are we still today oppressed by this same power? Why do people claim to be Christian? Is it mostly because it’s a hand me down faith? And they have no personal relationship with the ascended master Jesus Christ or with the Holy Spirit, in which we all come from equally?

The “church” of the time worshipped a “God” right? Who? And why did the church work with the local powers, Caesar? The local governing body to FORCE the people to work and pay them taxation or die, be beaten, lose loved ones and be constantly tormented? The CHURCH of that time and the local taxing POWERS used violence, oppression, fear and torment to force loyalty to them. Jesus threatened this as he came here to show YOU that YOU are ALL God’s, all God’s people, all God inside and that you, they did not have to be tortured but to be like him and truly come to their power to the real GOD, and away from GREED, Oppression, Taxation, Violence and being slaves to the Church of the Time and their partner in crime, the Army of the governing power of that time.

Jesus was exposing them, he was removing the curtain and empowering the people. To be like Jesus, a Christ follower, a Christian, we would all do the same. We would not worship those behind the curtain, the puppeteers who do not want us to know who we are, to know our power or to worship, follow or know the God Within each of us.

Were the Catholics, the “church” at the time? Who were the Catholics at that time?
Who gave them the enormous barbaric perverse powers they had and have over humankind?

If they were the Church before Christ, and they, along with the taxing power of greed at that time, persecuted Jesus Christ for trying to awaken mankind, and give them back their personal power and their divine relationship with the Holy Spirit, then how can they be Christians? Or have any love or respect for who Jesus Christ was, his teachings or what he stood for?

The whole idea was to STOP Christ from his teachings, his whistleblowing against corruption, his hands on healing, his non-judgemental love of all, his “magic” that he was showing ALL they too could also do, and with no need of the Church, the Army or the Taxing Greedy Powers that be.  And to STOP Jesus Christ from reaching people, awakening people so that they would have the COURAGE, the Christ like Courage and the Knowledge, Magic, Healing, and Power of Jesus Christ and therefore leave the oppressive of the Catholic Church and the Taxing Army of which violently oppressed them every single day, OWNED THEM.

Then what? Later these Powers became Christians because the masses loved Jesus Christ so much? They had to embrace it? So they conjured up the bible and made up doctrine to control people and keep in power, and oh that Jesus guy ya we love him too, Ya Right. THEY killed him after they persecuted and prosecuted him for Truth Telling and Whistle Blowing.

Jesus did not write the bible. Man did. And what women did in history at that time and before was hidden by that same partnership (Catholic Church and Greedy Army Taxing Powers).

What was Jesus really teaching?

What did Jesus really do here and what does that have to do with the powers of Greed, Government and the “Church” at the time?  

They had the power to persecute Jesus for his teaching, and render this horrific images of what happens to a son of God if he goes against the Catholic Church (the “church” of the time) and the powers of taxation and army violence of that time. This image to you, to children, a violent bloody image of a man who dies a slow violent Death if he dares to heal, to love equally, to oppose taxation and corruption and to teach of the God inside, as if to say if you do this we will do the same to you and THESE POWERS stayed in charge of your bloodline, your consciousness and kept you in fear and paying them to oppress you.

You know in your heart and soul, whether you believe in Jesus as a real man, a God, or even a Fairy Tale; YOU still know that the teachings, the parable, the tales is NOT about killing your fellow man or woman in his name or whom they claim is his father’s name.

YOU know that any church, any governing body, any religious order of any kind is not HOLY is not of the Jesus Christ’s teachings, if they are killing, oppressing, instilling fear, harming, judging, taxing, beating, hating or acting corruption and claiming they are Christian or doing such in the name of Christ in any way. You know this. In those tales, Jesus simply did not do those things, nor teach those things. So therefore being like Christ, being Christian, has NOTHING to do with those things, period, NOTHING.

Does this stuff matter? Yes to the point of those same powers, those religious persecuting powers, those powers who shut up those who speak out about corruption and greed and those powers that do not want YOU, the INDIVIDUAL, to know your truth, know your power, know that you are of God and take control of your own thoughts and beliefs.

They want to keep control over your thoughts, your life force, your energy, and the power you have in your own mind, your soul to create a world of peace, love, justice and true, beautiful equality for ALL.

Think on these matters. It is important that you know what YOU believe.

You do not have to share it with anyone ever. You do not have to teach it or preach it. Yet it is imperative that you ponder all of this and come to your truth for you, this is the Awakening we are in. This is our Gift. To have the courage to be like Christ, even if only in our certain beliefs in our own mind, values, and heart. It is a matter of mass consciousness and the Jesus Christ aspect of our history, our planet really does affect us all so the it matters to clear this energy.

While you are pondering. Ponder this; you know who you are, who you pray to, what your true intentions are, what your teachings are, and who you are at your core right?

You know what you prefer, believe, and how you wish things to be. Now think for a moment, what if 12 people in your life wrote about you, your thoughts, your love life, your morals, your teachings, your intentions, your parents, and all about what and who you are? Do you think ANY of them would get any of it TRULY Right?

Then factor in Greed and Control and think, hmmm what is this thing they call the BIBLE.

Once you have pondered this and released the controlling illusion to the LIGHT, to the Holy Spirit, then and only then can we all get on with it. And all of us live the beautiful life we came here to Truly Live.

I typed this out tonight in a matter of minutes. I feel it is a message I needed to hear and to share. And So It Is.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox