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Why Does Florida woman Leilani Ochoada own, operate, and legally control a corporation that owns 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida, that seems to be occupied by a Mitch Huhem of The Healthy Chocolate Company and Mitchell Huhem Consulting Corporation?

Who is Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson of Orlando ?

Who is Leilani Ochoada ?

Who is Mitch Huhem ?

Who owns the Lions Head Land Trust Inc. ? 

Who owns the multi-million dollar home at 7020 Lions Head Lane, Boca Raton, Florida?

Well Let's take a Look at some of this information and see who is connected to what. As for the WHY ?? of it all, Well that will have to be left up to the authorities.

Ok, so a Florida resident named Simon Bernstein lived at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida. He was reported to have been poisoned, murdered. This was reported by his son Ted Bernstein. Later autopsies revealed heavy metal, and yet the Boca Raton police seem to have let all that go at this point, for unknown reasons.

7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida  then becomes part of a multi-million dollar estate and went into the Florida Probate courts whereby Judge David French, Judge Martin Collins, Judge John Phillips and others, as well as attorneys Donald Tescher, Robert Spallina, alleged Trustee Ted Bernstein, Alan Rose and more Florida attorneys, allow Ted Bernstein to essentially pilfer the estate.

He then sells off jewelry and furniture, sells property and seemingly liquidates with no money going to the RIGHTFUL HEIRS of the estate. The case has been tied up in Florida Probate courts for years. The children who are named heirs have never been given attorney representation by the estate yet Ted Bernstein seems to have been able to pay BIG money to Florida attorney Alan Rose, for his own personal representation and seemingly "out of the estate".

There was another estate involved, and SOLD long ago. It was / is the Shirley Bernstein estate and that property was bought by a Wesley G. Voorheis of Toronto Ontario.

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The multi-million dollar home located at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton has been tied up in court battles for years. There is no real, clear title as to who owns the home and can sell the home.  There is trust documents with odd or no signatures, there are pages missing and even lost trusts. There is insurance claims, alleged murder and more. Jackson National Insurance Company paid millions in claims when there was NO POLICY and a reported murder.

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Simon Bernstein, as the court case shows, SIGNED documents AFTER he died. That ended up in police reports, and attorneys and a notary admitting to fraud and forgery. Here is more information on Notary Fraud and Forgery by a Florida Notary named Kimberly Moran who worked for Florida attorney Robert Spallina.

All this documented proof, evidence, confessions and more in the court records for this case and connected cases, yet Florida Probate Judges allowed this all to continue. And these rogue, lawless Judges allowed Ted Bernstein to sell the multi-million dollar home located at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton, in which Simon Bernstein lived in when he was allegedly murdered, reported as murdered and has an autopsy report with heavy lead in it.

Florida Insurance salesman Ted Bernstein with the help of his attorney Alan Rose, SOLD the Simon Bernstein estate property located at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton to a Leilani Ochoada, incorporator of ISL Inc. in connection to and with Lions Head Land Trust Inc., for some unknown low dollar amount of money. As per the Warranty Deed on the subject property as linked below:

Warranty Deed

It seems that Leilani Ochoada does not live in the St. Andrews Country Club home nor is Leilani Ochoada seemingly a member of this country club though she seems to have signed so.

Leilani Ochoada simply seems to own the home, be liable for all taxes, debt and ALL other liability (including any legal cases), but it seems that a Mitch Huhem actually lives in the home at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton.  Why? Not sure maybe he is hiding assets due to bankruptcy, divorce or some other unknown and mysterious reason.

Mitch Huhem, the Million Dollar Mentor and the Billion Dollar Strategist of
Healthy Chocolate CompanyMitchell Huhem Consulting Corporation, HUHEM INVESTMENTS SECURE MONTHLY INCOME FUND MANAGER LLC, HUHEM INVESTMENTS LLC, HUHEM INVESTMENTS GUARANTY TRUST FUND LLC, HUHEM INVESTMENT GROUP LLC,  HUHEM FINANCIAL MAMAGEMENT COMPANY LLC, Mitch Huhem MXI Corp and more... seems to be the actual owner of 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton and simply put the property into the name of a Leilani Ochoada. The reason? I am not sure of that, could be to hide assets or to aid and abet Ted Bernstein and Florida attorney Alan Rose in fraud? Not sure.

It seems that Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson of Orlando created the corporation Lions Head Land Trust Inc., as legal representation to and with Leilani Ochoada, and connected to some scheme with Mitch Huhem to hide assets or avoid liability or simply aid and abet Ted Bernstein and Florida attorney Alan Rose, or so it seems.

Did Mitch Huhem know that the property was in a Major legal battle? Did Mitch Huhem know that he was not buying a clear title and that the title was in dispute? I guess that would make a high end property go for a low price right? And thereby screw over the rightful heirs.

What did Leilani Ochoada know, if anything? Was she simply doing attorney Laurence Pino a favor? How does she know attorney Laurence Pino, other then once renting from him?  Was Leilani Ochoada paid to take title, to incorporate or to sign these documents? Is there an ongoing payment being made to Leilani Ochoada ? 

Mitch Huhem must have known as WOW did he go through a whole lot of trouble to have his attorney Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson get some unsuspecting or paid ofF woman to sign the corporation papers and hold title to 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton while seemingly, Mitch Huhem lives in the home, AND appears to be the actual owner.

So why did Mitch Huhem go through so much trouble as to have Florida attorney Laurence Pino create the Lions Head Land Trust Inc. and have a woman named Leilani Ochoada sign as the registered own of Lions Head Land Trust Inc., then have ISL Inc. sign for Lions Head Land Trust Inc. and take title of 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton ?

ISL Inc. - Beverly Porter, Registered Agent Signature
Incorporator is a Leilani Ochoada at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton

Warranty Deed

Did attorney Alan Rose witness Trustee Ted Bernstein sign a Deed that he knew was not the actual buyer?

Did Alan Rose witness identity fraud, forgery, fraud on the SOS or the courts in any way in all this? Did Ted Bernstein and attorney Alan Rose commit fraud against the HEIRS in this case? And did they know there was no actual buyer? hmmm I would bet they did. I be they BOTH knew that the buyer was having a proxy of sorts pretend to hold title, and witnessed this woman either getting paid off or being made a victim of ALL these Florida attorneys, Trustees and Million Dollar Mentor Mitch Huhem.

Was St. Andrews Country Club in on all this? Did they know that Mitch Huhem was the resident? Is Mitch Huhem a member or is Leilani Ochoada ?

What about the Title Company / 
the Closing Agent on this Property ?

As seen on the Warranty Deed at this link,, the closing agent for the sale of 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton was CLEARLY Shannon Sammons of The Closing Agent LLC in Orlando Florida, same area as Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson of Orlando

I cannot help but wonder how many of these "DEALS" that Shannon Sammons of The Closing Agent LLC in Orlando Florida has closed for this shady attorney.

Shannon Sammons of The Closing Agent LLC should have known that ISL Inc. was not an actual corporation and that there was some sort of identity fraud, forgery or other suspicious, possibly even criminal activity going on. That is the JOB, the ROLE of having a Closing Agent for a Real Estate Transaction. 

Was Shannon Sammons of The Closing Agent LLC paid off, ignorant or just lazy? Either way Shannon Sammons and The Closing Agent LLC has MASSIVE liability in this matter as they let a property change hands to a non-existent corporation, as well as other details that
Shannon Sammons of The Closing Agent LLC should have caught in the closing of this property, much more on that later.

Did Shannon Sammons of The Closing Agent LLC in Orlando, Florida do ANY actual research on the Title, the corporations or any of this?  Or did she simply do as Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson told her to do, no questions asked or research done?  And what about title insurance are they not liable to the Simon Bernstein Estate Heirs? What title insurance company was used? Was it Chicago Title?

Shannon Sammons Escrow Officer

Much more on all of the above regarding title, coming soon.

Does the Document Below Show Florida attorney Alan Rose witnessing signatures to a non-existing or an expired Florida Corporation?

Warranty Deed at this link,

Mitch Huhem, Xocai

Why would a seemingly successful guy like Mitch Huhem of Mitch Huhem International allow or procure a seemingly shady attorney like Laurence J. Pino, P.A. of Pino Nichollson of Orlando to set up a phony corporation and have some woman take title, responsibility and liability to a multi-million dollar home ?

What is Mitch Huhem Hiding? 

I guess one of the strategies of Mitch Huhem of Mitch Huhem International is to buy property that is tied up in litigation, seemingly stolen, or to hook up with attorneys such as Alan Rose and Insurance Dealers such as Ted Bernstein and STEAL PROPERTY.

Ok well I am not saying that Mitch Huhem of Mitch Huhem International STOLE the property, however, there is a whole lot of fishy things going on such as false corporations, seemingly stolen identities and all kinds of mayhem.

No REALLY, why would a Guy like Mitch Huhem of Mitch Huhem International with so much money, income and success NEED to get mixed up in such a shady, well seemingly illegal, fraudlent, forgery and identity theft or flat out FRAUD. Fraud on the COURTS, fraud on the Secretary of State, Real Estate Fraud and more? Why take this risk? What could possibly be the gain?

Well the TRUTH will RISE UP at Some Point, So I shall wait and See.

Research Link about the super duper Mitch Huhem of Mitch Huhem International

A WHOLE LOT more on All of this, COMING SOON; Stay Tuned

I wonder how many fraudulent corporations that Laurence J. Pino, P.A., has registered for Mitch Huhem of Mitchell Huhem Consulting Corporation ?

Laurence PINO bar complaint

Mitch Huhem owns so many corporations and gets attorney Laurence J. Pino to register them for him, so why not own the Lions Head Land Trust Inc. ? Why risk such success on doing shady dealings and hiding who owns a corporation and falsely signing a warranty deed?

Is that part of his Billion Dollar Strategy?

WOW a Billion Dollar Strategist and want's to hide a multi-million dollar home ?

What is Shannon Sammons of The Closing Agent LLC's real connection to all this? Is she just a closing agent who did not research who the buyer is, or was, or if she was getting proper, legal signatures of corporation owners? Was there title insurance? If so WOW, talk about liability.

So what about this woman named Leilani Ochoada ?

Was Leilani Ochoada scammed? Is Leilani Ochoada a victim of Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson and Mitch Huhem or is she a co-conspirator?

Did Leilani Ochoada know what she was signing? Was she coerced in some way? Was Leilani Ochoada paid to pretend she was the incorporator and title holder of the Lions Head property?

Is Leilani Ochoada a member of the St. Andrews Country Club? Does she get the property taxes, insurance and utilities in her name?

Did Leilani Ochoada know she was signing a fraudulent document or committing possible fraud against the SOS of Florida?

Just what did Leilani Ochoada know or not know?

Leilani Ochoada says she had no idea what she was signing and that Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson simply had her witness the document. Laurence Pino seems to claim that Leilani Ochoada knew what she was signing and he has some document that allegedly proves that.

Leilani Ochoada seems to be claiming she is an innocent victim in this, and some even say she is a HERO for being willing to testify regarding the actions of Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson AND Mitch Huhem.

I, however, in my personal opinion, believe that Leilani Ochoada knew what she was signing and that she was somehow paid to participate in this fraud. The way I see it Leilani Ochoada has 2 choices at this point, to say nothing more and simply pretend she owns the property, maybe get a mortgage on it or whatever a property owner may do. Or maybe she can just run for the hills as they say. Or choice 2 if Leilani Ochoada is truly a victim of a SCAM by an unethical, corrupt couple of attorneys and some man named Mitch Huhem of whom she may never even have met, well then she will have to testify, to report the crime against her or take the heat herself, kind of that simple really.

Though Leilani Ochoada sure seems to own the Lions Head Land Trust Inc., she does not seem to be there when Alan Rose witnesses the corporation signing the deed, or so it seems. On the Deed to 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida it seems that and ISL Inc. signs for the Lions Head Land Trust Inc. Yet ISL Inc. is not a real, active Florida corporation. So what is really going on?

Is all this in the Mitch Huhem investor books and his mentoring program? WOW, how to steal a property and get someone of the street to own a corporation while you live in a property that they are liable and you can walk away from, and in the meantime ... well commit fraud it sure seems.

Maybe Leilani Ochoada can play the Victim card and prove to authorities that she was somehow coerced into all this? We shall see what plays out on that one.

Does Leilani Ochoada know or was she informed by Laurence Pino that she is liable for ALL Taxes or any other Liability whatsoever at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton ?

Is this the Investment TRICKS and Schemes that Mitch Huhem teaches or writes about ?

Some may say that Leilani Ochoada is a HERO for being willing to testify to these matters. However, I don't see it that way. As I see it she has to testify or take the fall for who, she claims, is the actual bad guy.

The way I see it, Leilani Ochoada has two choice, one is to report Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson AND Mitch Huhem to the authorities or Leilani Ochoada can take the FULL responsibility and liability herself for her actions. There really is no hiding, no running. It is a criminal act as I see it. So it is simply a matter of who actually committed the CRIME. As it stands now, Leilani Ochoada owns the property and if she really did buy it, had those millions to do so and is a member of that country club, well then maybe there was no crime. However, if she actually signed a false document to create a false corporation to protect a guy named Mitch Huhem for some unknown reason well then that may be a very different story. We shall see.

Either way Leilani Ochoada is NO HERO to me. She created this situation and now must report it or take responsibility for it. The deed speaks for itself and so does the Secretary of State corporation records, as does the other documents in this case.

If Leilani Ochoada is the victim of Florida attorney Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson AND Billionaire Stratagist Mitch Huhem, well she will have to prove that to the authorities.

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This post is written by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox upon my knowledge, research, interviews and opinions. 


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(It is marked "Medical Information"), yet it was called in as a MURDER.

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This post is written by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox upon my knowledge, research, interviews and opinions.