Friday, March 25, 2016

the Port Townsend Paper Mill is Poisoning Port Townsend. The SMELL of MONEY they Call It. I Call it the SMELL of Toxic Greed that has no Conscience of what that MONEY SMELL is doing to the lungs, health, soil, water, air and quality of life of Port Townsend Residents, as well as all of Jefferson County Washington.

I have not written about the Port Townsend Paper Mill in awhile. I became very discouraged at articles claiming Port Townsend Air Quality is GOOD, when it is NOT Good it is Down Right TOXIC. Discouraged at CLEARLY toxic air and a local government that CLEARLY chooses Greed and Profit over People.

The DEQ and Jefferson County Officials hide the FACTS from the public. People are sick, and they leave the area due to this sickness. Others can't leave because they are stuck in overpriced Port Townsend Real Estate, Home. These folks thought the mill would be gone by now.

Still we have positive news on the Port Townsend Paper Mill from the Port Townsend Leader. When the TRUTH is not all FLUFFY as the Port Townsend Leader makes it out to be.

We have officials such as Deborah Stimson who does not care about air quality or sound pollution as she has clearly proven. Meanwhile the actual data shows MASSIVE TOXINS, ammonia in the air and much more that is burning your lungs, harming your health and creating HUGE amounts of fine particle pollution that you and your children breath every day. Children and babies have all kinds of damage and health concerns from these fine particles of MASSIVE harmful, Toxic Pollution. Meanwhile Jefferson County is paid off by BIG MONEY from the hedge funds and corporate greed of those who own and profit from investing in the Port Townsend Paper Mill.

We have a commissioner somewhere paid off by the Paper Mill in some unknown account that will never be traced according to anonymous sources.

And we have a public who thinks the mill is the smell of money. And don't seem to care what you give up, pollute, ruin, or sacrifice for that MONEY SMELL.

Meanwhile YOU are sick and you don't why. You have low energy and you don't why. Your inner ears hurt, your throat hurts, your eyes feel funny, you feel hazy and you are not sure what it is. It is the Port Townsend Paper Mill poisoning you.

The Public at large let's Jefferson County and the City of Port Townsend flat out lie about the Mill as the Port Townsend Paper Mill pollutes MASSIVE water and you the public are to cut down on water use, as they use over 12 million gallons a day and POLLUTE the water and the Port Townsend Bay.

They Flat out LIE about what is really in the air you are breathing, and the Public, the local media outlets and the local governing body REFUSES to actually disclose the TRUTH that they know through air monitors. Instead they choose to CODDLE Greed.

I also became discouraged at Governor Inslee's carbon tax being shot down on places like the Port Townsend Paper Mill and the claims, FLAT OUT LIES, that the Port Townsend Paper Mill is not a HUGE Carbon Polluter when they clear are and Jefferson County Washington ignores it and protects 300 jobs which is actually 1% of Jefferson County. There are so many amazing people in Port Townsend that make money with clean jobs that do not harm the air, soil and water. 

The Port Townsend Paper Mill is putting massive toxins into the air. I am not saying to believe me. I am saying do your homework. Get all the documents, including the LYING bankruptcy documents of the previous mill owner, the air monitor reports that are out there, take an independent air monitor test, and find out ALL the documented facts for yourself. Don't Believe the LIES of the Port Townsend Leader, the Jefferson County Commissioners, Paid off Jefferson County Health or ANYONE. Find the FACTS for yourself. This is your AIR, your water, your soil, your LIFE.

The City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County Washington PROTECTS the Port Townsend Paper Mill and Put's PROFIT before the health of the Citizens of Port Townsend Washington.